10 (More) Things I’ve Learned Living in NYC

The last one of these was in November, that’s not good enough is it?

Here’s some more things I have learned here, which I guess is a good thing as it means my brain is still active, even when it feels like it’s not.


No One Is Shouting At You 

Even when it feels like they are.

People here really enjoy speaking on the phone VERY LOUDLY. In the office, in the bathroom, on the street and even on the subway. They literally could not care less that you can hear every word of their conversation.

This is titled the above due to everyone owning Apple Airpods, it feels like they are shouting at you – but they are actually just shouting at their husband for not turning the stove off. I’M SORRY JANET I DIDN’T KNOW I LIVED IN YOUR HOUSE TOO.


Whenever you go to a Happy Hour (every night) you will see on the menu:

  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Well Drinks

It was only recently that I discovered that this means a spirit & mixer, and upon Googling it to make sure I got the wording right it actually means:

“A well drink or rail drink is an alcoholic beverage served using the lower-cost liquors stored within easy reach of the bartender in the counter ‘speed rail’ or well.” 

Makes sense, in the UK we call this ‘Friday’.


The Affordability of the Upper East and West 

No, I am not talking about house prices, I’m talking about drinks – the thing I can afford.

As soon as you reach the seventies and up (talking about street numbers here stay with me), you will find dive bars/Irish bars/ student bars among the gorgeous streets, a complete surprise – and an absolute god send. Legit conversation:

Me – Hi, do you have a happy hour here? 

Bar tender – We don’t need one we are cheap already. 

Me – never leaves bar.

50 Cent Wings Exist

Hello, I would like thirty wings please.


Yes kind sir.

IMG_4854 (1)

Don’t Stop For The Guy With A Mixtape 

But it’s free Talor, why wouldn’t I take his mixtape? – (nailed your accent am I right?)

Because as soon as you take it they need money for their music video, recording studio or their cousin Vinny, the record producer, needs paid. If you do not give them money they snatch the mixtape out of your hand and walk away, if you do give them money, well…

You’re an idiot.

Just kidding.

Not really.

I watch this happen on a daily basis.

Times Square Hums 

No, seriously.

There’s an art installation in Times Square that you can’t see – you can only hear it.

Possibly one of the busiest, loudest areas in the world it would be very hard to spot. Located on a pedestrian island around 46th street there is a noise that you genuinely wouldn’t notice until you’ve read this, or you have the ears of…..well someone who is a great listener.

IMG_4913 (1)

Prohibition Bars Still Exist 

Yes, we have all heard of a ‘Speakeasy’, but there are actual bars in New York that were used during the 1920’s prohibition – and are a lot more difficult to find than the ones pretending to be shops.

The one we went to doesn’t even have a door on the street, you had to actually go down basement steps and twist around a back alley to a metal door with an eye hole. Not very pretty or pleasant to do, but once inside very cool.

No I wont tell you what it was called because that ruins the fun. (I’ve completely forgotten the name of it).

Why Is It So Hard To Find A Sausage? 

Take your mind out of the gutter.

No but seriously, it’s near impossible to make bangers and mash, toad in the hole or have a proper sausage roll. You don’t realise how much you enjoy these things until America decides that sausages have maple syrup in them or are ‘Italian’.

If you want a proper pack of sausages you have to LITERALLY go to a British Butcher – NO SERIOUSLY. I didn’t appreciate that as a country we genuinely have our own cuisine.

IMG_4924 (1)

Trains Don’t Go Where They Are Supposed To 

I’ve waited on a subway for half an hour before (uncalled for here) for someone to tell me, and everyone else on the platform, that it had in fact been cancelled. I have no idea how she knew this as it was never announced on the tannoy and no signs were up.

Subway fairies?

I have also been on a subway where they shut the doors and told us, ‘this is the F train but we are actually going on the D route’  Thanks for telling us AS THE DOOR CLOSED and for taking us in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION.

New Yorkers are Lovely 

I think that there is a stigma attached to New Yorkers in that they are hard faced suits, but actually everyone is lovely and willing to help.

If I’m lost I’ll ask someone for help, when you don’t know what subway stop to get off at anyone will let you know, when we are in a restaurant and are looking for a nearby bar to go to they will happily provide the details.

People will tell you that your bag is open when you are walking down the street, people in shops will compliment your outfit, the lady handing out free magazines will tell you to smile because it’s Friday.

We went to brunch on Sunday, and after paying the bill the waitress came over and gave us a free chocolate cake, we asked why and she said it was because she really enjoyed serving us.

Obviously this is very general and there will be bad eggs out there, but I like to think most people would be in this category.

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5 thoughts on “10 (More) Things I’ve Learned Living in NYC

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I’m undecided as to whether I need to visit NYC. I am a country girl at heart and the city sets my heart racing for the wrong reasons.
    That said I wouldn’t want to miss out on New York. Film set to do many of my favourite films.
    I like your take on it. One day maybe I will get there.

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