I asked Girls and Guys What Their Ideal Date Would Be | February Date Month

Dating is tough, and so many things can go wrong, through nerves, catfishing, getting drunk, bumping into people you don’t want to see and let’s face it there are a million things that can make literal sh*t hit the fan while you are trying to spend time with someone. So, I thought, what would be the perfect scenario? And then I asked my friends for there’s too.

These scenarios are anonymous as I wanted people to be completely honest…which they 100% were…so be prepared.

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“That’s a tough one. I would have to say April 25th because it’s not too hot and not too cold. All you need is a light jacket” 

“A good first date would probably be something interactive, maybe even, dare I say it, active. Not only do you want to see if the guy can mooooove but I also think it’s key to see if your date has something about them. Although alcohol seems to loosen most people up I would say the outdoors would be my preferred option. Then some food / form of snack, you need to make sure the guy can eat, because food is important. That’s all I have to say about that really..”

“The only real thing I can think of is a fun date. I think dinner and drinks are fine for a first date whilst you’re getting to know someone but my favourite ones have been where we’ve gone to mini golf, or bowling. Something that’s a little less stuffy. Sightseeing is good too, finishing at a cool bar when you can chat and have a laugh.” 

“The perfect date would be – someone who makes me laugh, takes me to a cool place, and if it’s a Tinder date YOU SHOULD LOOK LIKE YOUR BLOODY PHOTO!!! (Catfish is real)” 

“Swap the guy for a can of beans and a glass of prosecco”

“An ideal date of mine would be to go for a drink at a place of the guys choosing, work our way through the cocktail/wine list and see what happens from there! Easy to make your excuses and get out if they’re awks and the night can carry on if you wish to!” 

“Going to watch them perform at something as a surprise, like if they were a singer or a comedian or musician, so that it shows you a bit about them” 

“Okay so, my perfect date would be drinks at a happy hour, Bake & Co (they give you free nibbles), then a show at the comedy cellar and ending the night in Joes pizza.” 

“Mine would be, a quick drink somewhere like a rooftop or speakeasy to get conversation going and then an exciting adventure such as touring the backstage of a Broadway play, going behind the scenes on a movie set or visiting the Zoo at night. Something memorable.”


“My ideal date would be going for a romantic candlelit dinner and ending up with Lizzi tied to my bed.” note that Lizzi is one of my close friends and I can already picture her face going beetroot reading this.

“Men are actually a pathetic species, desperate for approval. We don’t have a preference when it comes to dates. We merely put our finger in the air, guess which of our successful dates would be preferred by our new suitor and hope for the best.” 

“Meet up, have a nice couple of drinks at a really nice bar. Then do an activity, something like sushi making class / cocktail masterclass.. something where you get to have what you make at the end. Then afterwards get pissed at a rooftop bar and then take them home [enter explicit here].” 

“My perfect date is an activity, so going rock climbing, going rowing on a lake, ice skating etc. Get laughs going then break the ice. MINI GOLF, f*ck me that’s a good one.” 

“Ideal date would start with a few drinks at a very quiet bar (but fancy) just to settle any nerves, followed swiftly by some sort of game/activity where you can compete and have a laugh e.g crazy golf, bowling so long as there is a bar. After that you can hit a more lively bar like a jazz bar or something, and finally walk her to her door.”

“Has to be grabbing some dinner first, perhaps in am unknown and quiet spot where you get the opportunity to chat and to get know one another. This would be followed by a Sofar Sounds concert with a bottle of wine, and followed by some drinks to top the night off.”

“A great view is a catalyst for any conversation, and there are so many opportunities for these in NYC. My ideal scenario would be a trip up the Empire State Building, where you get a 360 view of Manhattan and the built up expanse surrounding for miles around. A warm, quiet bar with comfy armchairs would be the perfect setting for afterwards.”

“Kick it off with a drink,

Easy not to go over the brink.

Teach yourself to be ready,

A horse can be calm and steady.

Maybe it’s real or maybe it’s gone

I don’t know what’s going on.

Nows the time to do a sin,

Everyone loves KETAMINE”

I mean, don’t say I didn’t warn you about honesty.

Also, how hilarious that my display picture is of me and my flatmate holding hands hahahaha, I am so single.

What would be your ideal date?

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