Have You Met….Kath?

‘Have You Met…’ Is a series I started to originally interview restaurants, then I moved onto bloggers and now since moving to New York the series has turned to others who are new to the city and the USA trying to find out what they have learned and their favourite places to visit. To read my other interviews head here


What is your name / age and where are you from?

Kathleen, 25

From: yet to be determined. Grew up in Bahrain, Dad’s Scottish/Irish, Mother’s Lebanese, Sound very English = very confused.

Why did you decide to come to New York to study and work?

New York was always the dream. I came here to live and work, the studying aspect was just an unnecessary intermediary in that process and not something that I would do given the choice!

Where do you work/what is your role?

I work as a Digital Marketing Specialist in the Risk team at Thomson Reuters. Tiny but great team. Essentially my team owns the Thomson Reuters Risk domain which is kinda cool.


How are you finding living in New Jersey?

I have a love/hate relationship with NJ. I’d 100% choose to live in the city if I could just to have that proper NY experience and to never have to do deal with weekend PATHs ever again  but I also realize that in terms of day to day, we have a pretty sweet deal. Great commute, nice escape from the city if you need it (not that I’ve really ever wanted to escape from the city but nice to have the option) and I also have the odd day working in Hoboken so it’s convenient.

How are you finding having a roommate?

The whole experience is so much better than I thought it would be and I was super lucky with my roommate however, I can’t wait to have my own space. I did hit a 6-month slump where I just wanted to be able to walk around in my nudeypants rapping whatever I wanted at my own free will. I mean I kinda do this anyway, but it’s just not the same.

Have you been to New York before? (If so, has your perspective changed? If not, is it what you imagined?)

I came 10 yrs ago when I was 14 with my family. My perspective has changed dramatically. I don’t need to tell you that a holiday as a prepubescent is very different to that of a working adult. It’s definitely made me appreciate the social system in other parts of the world and things that I would take for granted back home. NYC is great but it really is the height of capitalism with regards to certain things but then where social issues are concerned, there’s a lot of work to be done. In saying that, I love it and walking down TSQ everyday still blows my mind…until I see 5 homeless people huddled together for warmth and that’s just kind of an ongoing cycle of my day.


What has been your favourite memory of your year so far?

I can’t pinpoint a specific memory, mostly because I have a terrible memory but also there’s just too many. I love spontaneous unplanned weekends and my favourite trip was Miami which literally was the best week of my life. I have Mardi Gras to look forward too though so hopefully some fabby memories will come out of that. 

What is your favorite area of New York and why?

I love Williamsburg, the vibe is just so different from the city and it kind of has everything you need just in a much chiller/cooler way. My friend came to visit and we stayed there for a week so I really got to experience what it would be like living there. Needless to say the trek back to NJ was depressing. I also love downtown, it reminds me more of the UK and then Chelsea/meatpacking is also great – so essentially I love it all?

What is your favourite restaurant and why?

I’m not much of a foodie and when I do eat out I try to keep it healthy which is hard in NYC. I love By Chloe, Dig Inn and Gray Dog in Chelsea was pretty cool. I also have a huge long list of places I want to try so ask me again in March.


What is your favourite bar and why?

I love Ghost Donkey – fairylights, somehow manages to make tequila taste nice and great music. I’d go here to splurge though. I also really enjoy the rooftop at Salvation Taco because I’m a sucker for a frozen margs.

What is your favourite happy hour and why?

Any happy hour that lasts for more than an hour does the trick.

If someone had one day to spend in New York what should they do?

Walk from downtown to uptown, including a trip over Brooklyn Bridge/Dumbo along the way and making stops at everything and anything along the way.


Have you travelled anywhere during your time here? Where and why?

Miami, Connecticut, Virginia, Vermont (going), New Orleans (Going), Texas (Going)

What is something you didn’t know about New York/USA until you got here?

I didn’t know how to navigate; still learning but also probably won’t end up in the Bronx instead of Midtown again.

What is one thing you miss from home?

Not having to live my life through a weather app, driving, medical insurance


After this year, if you could stay and live in New York, would you? Why?

YES YES YES – because it’s great. I get cabin fever though so probably couldn’t live here forever, but definitely the foreseeable future.


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