I Gave Up Smoking And This Is What Happened | January Health Month

As a part of my ‘health’ month I have given up smoking, I have only ever done this once before and it lasted 8 months – then my dissertation was due. It appears whenever I do give up for a while it is just pure stress that points me back in the wrong direction.

I started at an unfortunately young age due to experimenting as a teenager (I won’t let you know the age as my family read this – hello), let’s face it we have all been there it’s just the smart ones that said no.

It was ‘cool’ back then, but why was it cool? Because it’s in movies? Because Kate Moss always had one (or has one) hanging out of her mouth? Because Gandalf can make a boat out of smoke?

At that age it’s for the ‘look’ at my current age it is a mixed bag of pure stress, wanting to get out for ‘fresh air’/ a fifteen minute break and the social aspect (there’s something quite nice about escaping outside for a chat while you are out with your friends).

At the end of the day, they are nothing, they bring absolutely nothing to the table apart from taking money from your purse and deteriorating your own health.

It’s now day 3 and someone just said “I really fancy a ciggarette”, this created a pang in my stomach of longing for one of those b*stards, but then I looked outside and realised it was the #BombCyclone aka an extreme weather warning of snow – why would I want to stand outside in that? And I feel normal again.

Things I noticed during quitting:

  • I was an angry, angry human being
  • I coughed A LOT
  • Why do television programmes (aka Peaky Blinders) CONSTANTLY HAVE SOMEONE SMOKING THIS IS KILLING ME

Until, the weekend happened. I needed one, I really really did, but I didn’t have any. Which meant I was borrowing off of my friends, which meant I felt incredibly guilty as I know how precious cigarettes are in our financial situation, which meant – I had to go and buy my own packet just so I could ‘crash them back’.

THEN, we went on holiday and I am not one for withholding things from myself on holiday. This includes booze and food.

THEN it was a Wednesday and I mean….it’s Wednesday right? Any excuse is as good as the next?

Excuses, excuses.

I don’t think cold turkey was the best way for me to do this, but I don’t want to use patches, gum seems stupid and vapes are so unbelievably unappealing I still don’t understand why they are so popular (plus, aren’t they just as bad for you?). I always remember someone saying to me:

“If you inhale someones vape smoke you are inhaling every single thing that is in their mouth.” 

The amount of people I have walked behind that have blown out their vanilla scented garbage towards me is unnecessary and this comment made me feel ill. But then again, who am I to talk? I am just as bad.

Smoking is unbelievably unhealthy for you, you absolutely stink of stale smoke the majority of the time, they have literally ZERO purpose and they are so unattractive. Do you know what’s so sad? Upon writing this I am so annoyed at myself, get yourself together Talor.

I have failed for health month, but I am determined I will not be smoking by the end of the year.

Have you quit smoking or are trying to quit?

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