Why Do People Bother Exercising? | January Health Month

Is a question I ask my lazy self consistently.

The reason I am doing ‘health month’ is because I am not healthy, which I have mentioned here. I am in fact, incredibly lazy, I would much rather be curled up in my single bed in my shared room watching Netflix at 7pm than lifting weights and causing myself pain.

However, I would also like to A. look after myself better B. learn a form of exercise I actually enjoy doing and C. find that thrill from exercise that others seem to have.

I genuinely have zero excuse not to go to the gym, and I have been paying for it for the last 3 months and not even going, pretending to myself that it is there if I need it. No Talor, that is a total waste of money. If I didn’t get my act together during health month, I was never getting my act together and would have to quit my membership.

(The featured image has been used as it is me en route to the gym during the ‘bomb cyclone’ as I have zero other images of me in gym gear…)

So without further ado, here are a few different exercises I have attempted.

I don’t love this pain Louise, I don’t.

Ultimate Total Fitness 

Or as I like to call it ‘why am I doing so many star jumps?’

My friend Lizzi and I decided to go to a class at the gym at an ungodly hour I don’t often see (6.15). Running there in the leggings I bought two years ago and have never worn I think to myself – WHY IS THIS HAPPENING.

As I enter the room the class starts, the torture begins. We have a step and weights, STEP RIGHT LEFT STEP FASTER. 

It isn’t until this moment that I realise how unbelievably uncoordinated I am. I don’t know about you but it’s bloody hard to do a star jump while crossing your legs and punching thin air. I looked like one of those balloon men that they have waving around at car garages.

6/10 on the enjoy-ability scale, would have been better with less star-jumps and more chocolate milkshakes, however I would recommend going to classes with friends as you feel like you can’t let them down.

‘Leg Day’ with Flo 

I don’t think Flo likes me very much from the exercises she made me do – is what I would think to myself if she hadn’t done them as well, with even heavier weights.

We warmed up on a bike for 5 minutes and that was me finished with exercise for the day, until Flo made us do ‘goblet squats’, lunges with weights, a machine that I push my legs against that I am absolutely useless at and some form of contraption where I kick my leg back that makes my bum hurt.

I now understand why people end up looking like triangles due to avoiding leg day, here’s to not walking for the next week.

(I can confirm I could not walk for 3 days)

8/10 on the enjoy-ability scale, Flo made the experience better because she cheered me on and made me feel better about being incredibly weak. I would do this again, but only if Flo was there to keep me going.

Just Keep Swimming 

Dependent on when our Uni class finished Lizzi and I decided we were going to go swimming after as the gym doesn’t shut until 11pm. Luckily class finished early, so swimming we went.

I love swimming for many reasons, it is an exercise I am very happy to do. It is refreshing and it feels like you aren’t actually doing anything. Unfortunately the pool was bloody freezing so we didn’t want to stay in it for long and the hot tub was calling our name.

The only downfall to this scenario is that I didn’t feel like I had done any exercise, I mean I had, but I didn’t hurt or feel tired or anything. As I told Lizzi this she reminded me “Yes Talor, but you burnt calories you never would have tonight, because what would you have done instead?” 

I would have gone to bed, she was right.

7/10 on the enjoy-ability scale, this exercise scenario loses points due to it being freezing.

‘Cycling’ otherwise known as Spinning 

I have always wanted to go to the spinning class at my gym, whenever I have gone to one (and not continued because as mentioned many times – lazy) I have always enjoyed it.

It’s the mix of blaring music, someone shouting at you and the fact that you need zero coordination to be able to ride a bike nailed to the ground.

I ran home after work on a Monday evening (it starts at 6.30) thinking the faster I go and the busier I make myself I have no time to talk myself out of it. I get to the gym at 6.25 and gasp (dramatic, I know) – there was only one bike left. Some sneaky b*stards had covered their bike with their towel so no one could take it, excuse me GYM please stop this IT ISN’T FAIR. Imagine I am going to my first ever spin at the gym and I can’t even do it because of these people, it’s like when you’re on holiday and people put their towels down on a sun lounger THEN GO FOR BREAKFAST, that’s not how this works BRENDA.

Anyway, the instructor put on some incredibly loud nineties house music, switched off the lights, got on her bike and started shouting at us. I had no idea what she was saying but the music kept me going – and I really bloody enjoyed myself.

9/10 – no exercise will ever be 10/10

So, to answer the question ‘Why do people bother exercising?’ :

  • I was proud of myself after every one of these exercises
  • The pain the next day made me feel like I had achieved something
  • It can be a fun social activity or
  • A great way to spend time by yourself
  • I don’t look any different as it was over two weeks, but I do weirdly feel more awake
  • It has encouraged me to try classes/ different forms of exercises I would never even contemplated

I also learned that no one in the gym is looking at you because they are focusing on themselves, which was a massive thing for me as I just assume everyone is judging.

How do you like to work out?

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