10 Things Not to Do in Washington D.C

On a recent epiphany at the beginning of the year I decided I haven’t been utilizing my stay in New York enough, I hadn’t seen enough of the US, so, I decided I have to go somewhere different every month that I am here. January was Washington D.C, a fantastic trip with 13 of  us bussing it to the Presidents city, ready for monuments galore and a night out in George Town.

My title appears negative, but actually, it’s really just a funny round up of all the things that happened that made me laugh, a lot. This trip was made by the people I was surrounded by and I have many, many fantastic memories. As much as Washington is interesting and something everyone definitely has to see – I do not feel like I have to go back nor do I feel anyone has to go longer than a weekend.

What not to do:

1. Miss your bus there

One group of us booked the 3am bus to Washington, the other group booked the 7am (yours truly). I booked the later one because I don’t trust myself to stay awake on a Friday evening to catch the bus.

Unfortunately one of us did not manage to stay awake on Friday evening for the 3AM, therefore missing the bus. Lets face it,  it was going to happen to one of us!

2. Go to Nandos

Apparently, this is the first stop you have to go to in Washington.

My chicken wrap with halloumi and pineapple was…fine? The wait to order it, was not.

The wine, and of course the company helped.

3. B*tch about the president

Going to Washington was very interesting for us due to the current political climate, however, the taxi driver gave us some advice:

“Everyone is secret service near The White House, they will either be obvious, in normal clothes, look homeless…or even be taxi drivers” – I don’t know if he was trying to hint something here.

He also said –

“Be careful what you say because they are listening, and they will pull you over if it is anything negative.”

Also –

“Don’t give food trucks your credit card because they will take more than they are due from you”

Useful info taxi man, or should I say, secret service man.

4. Get absolutely slaughtered on the first night

We went out for dinner, had a lot of wine, played games, walked up the steps that featured in the Exorcist (which absolutely killed us all) and ended up in George Town. I didn’t realise this was student central. This story ends here.

It was one of those nights that as soon as you leave the restaurant sh*t hits the fan, but all round a good one.

5. Be incredibly hungover on the second day

I had to have my friends cheer me on to eat my breakfast, because it was that hard. Luckily it was booked for 9.30am so as much as I was feeling fragile I was out of the hotel before I had to think about leaving.

Also, everything we were seeing was outside and fresh air on a day like this was an absolute godsend.

Some of us nearly didn’t make it to dinner on this night, but everyone pulled through spectacularly.

6. Attempt to split the bill after 4 hours of drinking 

There’s 13 of us, some people had bottles of wine, others had a beer, others had nothing, some people had starters, some didn’t and it was the same with desserts.

The restaurant was closing, we were voting people to have shots, the waitress was being kept back and we were being annoying.

Not going to lie though, dinner was delicious and I laughed a lot on this night.

7. Share a queen bed with 3 people 

All girls I may add, I thought – it will be fine we are in a queen room – totally reasonable!

Little did I know, the bed was the room, there was no floor space or wardrobe, just bed.

And an incredibly nice bathroom that could have given a little more space to the bedroom.

8. Think the Capitol building is the White House 

As I was sitting next to Flo on the bus on the way there I exclaimed ‘Flo look it’s the White House!’ – Flo then gets excited and tells everyone we drove passed the White House….. she then gets shut down by everyone telling her, it is in fact the Capitol building.

My bad.

9. Be so interested in a squirrel that you forget about the President 

I am not kidding when I say, we saw a black squirrel.

Half the group cheered and exclaimed – what a bloody day.

The other half, could not have cared less.

The President also drove passed us with his motorcade, but we could not stop talking about REMEMBER THAT BLACK SQUIRREL.

(The above squirrel is clearly not black, I just felt like giving it some of my lolly)

10. Lose your passports

Yes Mum, this happened – and the only reason I am admitting it publicly is because I finally have them back.

I put them in the safe to keep them….well, safe, and forgot I left them there until I was on the bus back to New York.

Shout out to Hotel Hive for sending them back so quickly.

Have you been to Washington?

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2 thoughts on “10 Things Not to Do in Washington D.C

  1. Jesus H Christ… Talor, WATF!
    Deep breath. All is fine with the world.
    Can’t believe the Nando’s service…. nah, I’m lying. The passports. Kittens. I would’ve had an absolute fit.
    Good to hear you’re all safe now though!

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