Pietro Nolita, New York

There’s always that one restaurant in a city that you are desperate to try out, this was mine.

Pietro Nolita, otherwise known as the ‘Pink Restaurant’ is not only located in one of my favourite New York neighborhoods (Nolita), it is unbelievably Instagrammable and the food is rumored to be exceptional.

A Lonesome Wine 


One Friday evening we decide to head along for a drink and some food, like every good NYC restaurant you can’t book here you have to wait for a table. As it was a Friday I told everyone to head to the restaurant as soon as they had finished work (my day ended at 5.30) and whoever got there first can reserve the table and then we can go for a drink while we wait.

Me, Myself and I

Little did I know I would be the first one there (around 6.30pm), to an empty restaurant, which I was very happy about – that was until I was told I was not allowed a table until my full party was there (fair enough). So, I sat at the bar with a glass of wine calling and messaging my friends – WHERE THE EFF ARE YOU IT’S EMPTY.

The restaurant started filling up, I was on my second glass of wine, an hour later FINALLY everyone was here, and the restaurant was nearly full – but not quite (sigh of relief).


An Instagrammable Napkin 

We were taken to the table by very kind waiters and my friends continuously apologising to me.

This restaurant is small, you will be squeezed in and no I won’t let you out to go to the loo. However as it fills up fast it has a fantastic buzzing atmosphere and there is nothing better than receiving a preview of dinner from the people next to you.

We decided to share three starters between five of us, it worked out perfectly.



The starters we ordered were the:

  • Caprino con Pomodoraccio – toasted bread with goats cheese and a sun-dried tomato puree
  • Polpettine – ricotta meatballs with a tomato sauce
  • Insalata Di Farro – seasonal vegetables, mushrooms and carrot puree

The Caprino con Pomodoraccio was insane, I’m not even kidding when I say I still think about it to this day. It is very clear that this was my favourite out of the three.

The meatballs were full of flavour and the salad was divine – all round a fantastic course for everyone.

Caprino con Pomodoraccio

For main we ordered the:

  • Spaghetto al Pomodoro – pasta with a tomato sauce, ricotta and basil
  • Gnocci Fatti in Casa ai Funghi – home made gnocci in a mushroom confit
  • Trofie al Pesto – green beans, potatoes, basil, pine nuts, and parmigiano reggiano topped with goat milk ricotta salata
  • Home made pasta of the day – my memory fails me but I believe it was something like sweet potato ravioli….

Trofie al Pesto

My main was the Trofie al Pesto, this was incredible, the pasta was cooked to perfection and the pesto powered through and took over the whole dish but I was completely okay with this. It was a big plate of food and I did not feel uncomfortably full which is often what happens when it comes to pasta. The one thing I would note is that it was slightly oily.

We also ordered a tiramisu which we had a nibble of, as much as it looked like a slump of cream it tasted lovely.

What I will say about this restaurant is that each dish is actually incredibly simple but the quality was exceptional and the flavour was immense. The staff were lovely and very helpful and I think we can all say that the pink decor is a 10/10.


Spaghetto al Pomodoro

Have you been here? What did you think?

Food: 4/5

Decor: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Price: 4/5 – starters between $9-18, mains between $16-25

Overall: 18/20

Recommend: A novelty for NYC visitors, a craving for a good bowl of pasta, Instagrammers.

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