7 Days of Happiness | January Health Month

As I have branded January ‘health’ month for my blog I wanted to look at more than physical health, I also wanted to look at mental health.

As adulting is so hard it is easy to let the little things, and the big things, get you down, so I am going to be more positive (don’t worry it’s just for a week). According to this website that has the word ‘Harvard’ in it so I trust it – Scientific evidence suggests that positive emotions can help make life longer and healthier.

I live with possibly the most positive person I have ever met, so I thought RIGHT get your act together and attempt to have seven days of total happiness. Easier said than done.

By doing this I Googled ‘How to Make Yourself Happy’  purely to see what would come up. I chose one suggestion from each website for each day and here is how I got on.

Day 1. 

I chose “Use a desktop photo to remind you of the purposes and pleasures of your life.”

It’s a Tuesday and my first day back at work after the New year, probably not the best place to start. I have a massive spot on my cheek that is impossible to hide and I am at the back end of the flu – random barking coughs ahoy.

I have just posted this blog post and now I feel sheer terror over the fact that I have to be healthy for a month. Probably a good point to find some happiness.

According to Psychology Today I should change my desktop photo to remind me of my purpose in life, I mean I’m pretty sure my purpose in life is to be so annoying that people actually start to like me, but I decided on my family home in the North of Scotland with it’s accompanying beach as I have a lot of great memories there.

Lesson learned: when you work next to Times Square every day it’s nice to remind yourself about peace and quiet.

5 happy’s out of 10. 

The previously mentioned desktop background

Day 2. 

I chose “Learn Something New”

This morning I got up super early to go to the gym, my first time at the gym in a while – I was certainly not happy about this. I had a shower and let my hair dry naturally because it takes half an hour to straighten and I didn’t have the time to do it which meant my curls were out in public – this doesn’t often happen and it makes me feel uncomfortable. I had many meetings today, which meant I completely forgot to find a thing to make myself happy until the afternoon – bad Talor. (Shows how easy it is to forget about your own well being).

In the end I chose to learn something new from Peter McKinnon my new favourite YouTuber, I love making and editing videos but I haven’t found the time to do so recently – so I guess this created a little excited spark in me.

Lesson learned: it’s fun to learn something new.

7 happy’s out of 10. 


Day 3. 

I chose “Celebrate small victories”

It’s a snow day today which means the weather is too extreme to head outside and so my roommate and I decided to work from home. We thought we would use this day to it’s full ability and so on our lunch break headed to the gym.

I will tell you about our gym experience in another blog post relating to health month, but what I can tell you now is that my roomie high fived me after every exercise (I didn’t ask her to do this) and it made the whole thing a lot more bearable.

Lesson learned: it makes a big difference to celebrate the little things.

8 happy’s out of 10. 

The famous Flo, aka my roommate aka the most positive person in the world

Day 4 

I chose: “Start being grateful for the life that is yours.”

It’s Friday, the happiest day of the week.

I go to work, I meet Flo & JD and go for a cheeky glass of red in Hoboken, make some tuna pasta for my friend Hendo and I, then head to my friend Lizzi’s for a games night. This was over all a happy day.

I have to say, I was very grateful for day 4 and the life that is mine. (This feels very strange to say – why wouldn’t my life be mine?)

Lesson learned: friends are so important.

9 happy’s out of 10. 

30164 Grand Tour_2017-12-07_18-30-49
Hendo, yours truly, Flo, JD

Day 5 

I chose: “Make time to do what you love.”

I love: brunch, booze and being surrounded by my friends, and that’s exactly what happened on this day.

I headed for brunch at the delicious Jacks Wife Freida (review coming soon) and we all put our phones away while we were eating which was an unusual added bonus. Then we headed to Brooklyn Brewery where you can get 5 beers for $20 – absolute bargain – and this was followed by karaoke which was unbelievable amounts of fun.

Not only did I have a lovely day with lovely people, but I did not get a hangover from it – WHICH NEVER HAPPENS.

Lesson learned: I will certainly be making more time to do what I love.

10 happy’s out of 10.

Brooklyn Brewery

Day 6 

I chose: “Set an Intention for the Day”

Waking up with no hangover after a day of drinking is a rarity for me, so I decided to make the most of the day.

I headed to Meme Mediterranean for brunch (review coming soon) with my friends, followed by a food shop for the coming week, did some Uni work and then headed to the cinema to watch All The Money In The World. Note: I enjoyed the movie until I found out that Mark Wahlberg was paid 100% more than Michelle Williams even though he was a secondary character to herself (Boo 😦 ).

Anyway, my intention for today was to organise myself for the week ahead, which I am usually incapable of. I did, as I made my lunches for the week, met up with my Uni group to prepare for our discussion on Tuesday and tidied my room (kind of). This set me up for my week nicely, and I definitely have to do it again.

Lesson learned: organise yourself Talor.

8 happy’s out of 10.

Meme Mediterranean

Day 7 

The last day of happiness (sounds dramatic doesn’t it?)

I chose: “Stay away from negativity.”

Mainly because I liked this quote: We must remember to understand that everyone’s view of happiness looks different, and it is imperative that we do not compare our happiness to someone else’s. Happiness is like a fingerprint: it is unique to the individual.

In a world where all we do is compare ourselves to others, I decided not to. I avoided negative news, people and thoughts and tried to have a day of pure positivity. This was near impossible as it is human nature to automatically see the worst in something – but at least I tried…right?

I wore my ridiculous pom pom hat, headed to work early to get a head start on myself, appreciated my surroundings, treated myself to a nice lunch and then headed home to watch Peaky Blinders (Why hello, Cillian). Pretty positive….for me anyway.

Lesson learned:  it’s okay to focus on just yourself now and then.

9 happy’s out of 10.

How do you bring happiness to your life?

Pom Pom Hat


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