WineO Club, Midtown, New York

Our team at work decided to have our own small Christmas night out before the big staff party the next day. There was a vote on what people would prefer to do and a cheese and wine tasting came out on top.

Why wouldn’t it?


We headed to WineO Club on East 36th Street, if you are not looking for it you would miss it. We headed into what looked like an apartment building and entered the elevator which opened onto the 3rd floor to a beautifully laid out private dining room.

Wine glasses and cheese boards placed on the table ready and waiting for us to dig in.


Not only was it a tasting, it was also team building.

We were given different tests and questions to decipher whether our taste buds / smelling abilities were up to scratch.

We also learned a lot such as:

  • Tilt the glass forward at an angle, if the wine has a clear rim around it, it is around 1-3 years old.
  • If it is an earthy wine it is old world (European) and if it is fruity it is new world (Australia, America etc)
  • Red wines high in tannins are great with steak because it dries out your mouth making the steak taste juicer.
  • A Shake Shack pairs best with prosecco.


Overall, our team won the challenge …and we went home with a lovely WineO wine bag.

Now, let’s talk about the cheese.

As we drank our prosecco we started off with the brie, which was unbelievably creamy and mouth wateringly insane. Then as we moved onto white wine we headed for the goats cheese, I ADORE goats cheese, but this one was on another level – it was filled with such a strong honey flavour, completely gorgeous.

Onto the reds and we were eating a gruyere, a very strong tasting cheese which was good but I have to say my least favourite out of the four. Then with the next red we headed for the truffle cheese – a delicious truffle flavour but the texture reminded me of edam, I was not sure.

Would I go back? 100% – I’ve already told my friends it’s happening.

Have you been here? What did you think?

Food: 4/5

Decor: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Price: 5/5 I don’t know what was paid for this occasion as it was organised by my work, however their website says $75 for a session that lasts two hours and if I am honest from the quality of the content, wine and food – this is totally worth it.

Overall: 19/20

Recommend: For a drunken team building exercise, a civilized hen party or a different way to catch up with friends.

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