Bare Burger, 14th street, New York

On a bloody freezing December Tuesday, Flo & Jack had finished a gym class and I was forcing them to come to a Google Pop up with me. (No, I did not join the gym class because I am lazy) – more on the Google Pop Up later.

Anyway, as we leave the pop up we realised how hungry we were, originally we were going to head to Pietro Nolita however as mentioned before, we were cold,  and next to the Path station (the train that takes us home) so we ended up in Bare Burger.

Jalapeno Poppers

It is not a classy looking joint, but then what burger restaurant is?

With wooden tables, benches to sit on and old school classics blaring across the sound system – it was an ideal find. It was of course a massive plus that it was warm.

The waitress who was lovely came over and said something about jalapeno poppers – I assumed she said they had ran out and exclaimed ‘OH NO’ – as any person would. Little did I know I heard her wrong and my friends made fun of me for shouting OH NO at the poor waitress for no apparent reason.

We then ordered the jalapeno poppers as we looked at the rest of the menu.

On another note we had to ask for water twice as they had forgotten to bring it over, which was annoying – however the overall service was great.

Onion Rings, Fries and Four Dips

We ordered to share:

  • Jalapeno Poppers
  • Onion Rings & Chips

I ordered the El Matador Burger -beef, queso fresco, guacamole, pickled jalapenos, green leaf, spicy pico de gallo in a brioche bun.

Flo went for a ‘make your own’ lamb burger on a ‘sprout bun’ which is like a whole grain seeded bun with a ton of veg including alfalfa which the waitress described as grass.

Jack ordered a beef burger but in a ‘collard green wrap’ which essentially means it will be wrapped in a leaf and he also added turkey bacon and a ton of veg.

Collard Green Wrap Burger

As you can see from the above picture, Jacks turned up looking like a large piece of sushi. Although I thought it looked unappetizing he did actually enjoy it – so I will stop being judgmental.

Flo didn’t talk for about ten minutes while she was eating hers (this is unusual from Flo) and so I took this as she absolutely loved it, it also disappeared pretty fast. Her burger looked the most attractive out of the three (gotta think about the Insta).

My burger, looked like a big greasy mess when it arrived on the classic burger restaurant paper on plate situation. HOWEVER it was divine, one bite and I was like OH MY GOD, and I am not really a burger gal so it is quite hard to please me in this department. It was slightly spicy and full of flavour – I would definitely have it again.

Sprout Bun Burger

The Jalapeno Poppers were HUGE, which was great, they were crispy and filled with creamy cheese – the only downfall would be that they were not spicy. Would I order them again? I’m not sure because I have had better.

Flo mentioned she had never experienced a popper before – I was completely gobsmacked as I always order them when they are on the menu.

A good first experience for her I believe.

The onion rings were absolutely delicious with a crunchy exterior and perfectly cooked onion on the inside and the fries were nice and salty.

The onion rings and fries were a great size for the three of us to share and they came with four dips – which was amazing because who doesn’t love variation?

The dips that came were – BBQ, Buffalo sauce, Sriracha mayo and a kind of mustardy sauce that I can’t remember the name of. We swapped the ‘curry ginger ketchup’ for the buffalo sauce as I love buffalo sauce – however it was actually my least favourite of the dips with the mustardy ‘no name’ one coming out on top.

El Matador


You will have noticed I have put captions on my images telling you what is what, let me know what you thought as I’ll keep doing it if it helps.

Have you been here? What did you think?

Food: 3/5

Decor: 3/5

Service: 4/5

Price: 5/5 El Matador $11.95, Rings & Fries $4.95 – this place is completely worth the price.

Overall: 15/20

Recommend: When you need a good burger for a great price.

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