Sunnyside, Hoboken

Every Sunday someone messages ‘breakfast?’ to the group, usually the one that hasn’t rolled in at 4am and wants to gather the gossip of what has been  missed.

Half of the group ignores the message, a quarter of the group turns their phone on silent because they are hungover and don’t want to be near people right now, and the rest know to meet ‘At the Elephants’ or ‘The Ice Rink’ in an hour because we are heading to Sunnyside


From smoked salmon and avo toast, to breakfast rolls and smoothie bowls – there is something for everyone, regardless if you are fresh or hungover.

The avocado toast is a winner amongst most, the salmon on toast is what you want to order for that perfect Instagram and my favourite is the simple scrambled eggs on toast because I get to cover it in as much Tobasco as I would like. I would avoid the eggs Benedict, it’s slightly disappointing.


I always order a coffee here, as it is delicious and arrives looking beautiful, in particular the mocha’s. One thing I would note is that your coffee will nearly always come to you after your food arrives.

Another order for the hungover is the green smoothie, packed with a punch you will probably hate yourself for ordering it but it will make you feel better.


The staff are always great and accommodating, to be perfectly honest I would kill the ten people that come in looking terrible every Sunday morning with each individual one ordering something completely different – so their patience is great.

This is an open and airy cafe with white tiles, ‘Good Morning Sunshine’ written in neon on the wall and is filled with people by themselves on laptops, families with babies, visitors to Hoboken and let’s not forget the hungover British taking up the entire picnic table in the middle.


Have you been here? What did you think?

Food: 4/5

Decor: 5/5

Service: 4/5

Price: 4/5 Breakfast can range from $11-20

Overall: 17/20

Recommend: A delicious breakfast in the Hoboken area, just not on Sundays as we will be there and probably ruin your vibe.

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