What’s Yer Problem Wae Juice? And other such questions.

I would like to translate Scottish for you, and some Edinburghish.

In day to day life I no longer speak to Scottish people, unless it is on the phone. I am surrounded by people from down south (UK) or New Yorkers – and it wasn’t until I moved did I realise, Scotland has it’s own language.

I didn’t realise how much I missed the Scottish accent until recently, so I compiled this list to amuse myself, and hopefully you too.

Note to self – juice is not juice to everyone else.


Juice is fizzy juice – e.g Coke, Fanta, Sprite and of course Irn Bru.

Can I have a can of juice please, I’m off the drink I was away with it last night. 

Can I have a can of [enter fizzy drink here], I’m not drinking alcohol tonight because I was sh*t faced yesterday.


Is not urine, it means ‘small’.

 Can I have a wee plate of food cause I’m getting pure podgy.

Can I have a small plate of food because I am becoming a fat b*stard.

Ye Ken? Ken What a Mean?

You know? Do You know what I  mean?

Aw these tourists are pure getting on my t*ts, ken what a mean? 

All of these tourists are really getting on my nerves, do you know what I mean?

Gonnae no dae that.

Stop doing that.

Just gonnae no dae that! How? Just gonnae no!

Can you stop doing that please! Why? Just stop doing it!



How no?!

Why not?!



Jesus Christ yer auld! 

Oh  my goodness you have aged terribly!


Come with

Go and chum me to the shops?

Can you come with me to the shops?



Pull up yer breeks you scaff. 

Pull up your trousers you look very untidy.

Cannae / Cannnie 

Cannot / smart

A cannae dae that / He’s a cannie lad 

I cannot do that / He’s a smart boy


An empty house

The wee yins got an empty tonight let’s get mad wae it 

The smallest member of our group’s parents are on holiday let’s go to theirs and get f*cked up

Gaun Yersel 

Well done you

Gaun yersel, you finally pulled that tidy lassie 

Well done you, you finally pulled that attractive girl


Shut Up

Be wheesht will ye 

Shut up will you



Ye goat tae travel to New York ya jammy b*stard? 

You got to travel to New York you lucky b*stard?

The Morn 


Chum me to the cinema the morn?

Come with me to the cinema tomorrow?

Nae Danger 

No chance 

Nae Danger I’m going doon there 

There is no chance I am going down there



Aye, she’s got shite patter 

Yeah, she has terrible banter



Awright that’s plenty! 

Right that’s enough!



Last night was quality 

Last night was excellent



He’s a pure radge 

He’s a very angry person



Any chance of some scran?

Can I steal your food?


A drink 

Geez a swally 

Give me a sip of your juice please

That’s all folks, want to add anymore?

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