Smorgasburg, Brooklyn

When you get the chance to move to New York from sunny old Edinburgh for a year of your life you can’t help but think – can life get better than this?

Until that is, you hear a whisper in the air ‘Smorgasburg’ – and you realise – yes, yes it can.


On a Saturday it is located in Williamsburg on Sunday it is in Prospect Park, we hit up the one in the park.

Bear in mind we still hadn’t been in New York for a very long time up until this point so it took us  a while to get there due to a few wrong turns and subway stops – but we made it in the end.

I will tell you, the journey was worth it.


From Bao Buns and raindrop cakes to cactus juice and raclette – there will always be something for you here.

The park is big and there are many stalls to choose from, so after a couple of laps round the circuit and trying to judge whether it was worth waiting in the queue we all settled for something different.

The boys started off with the Bao buns – an unfortunate beginning as neither were impressed. The crispy duck looked tasty as the man was shredding it but there was a long wait and a look of disappointment after the first bite.


Onto the cactus juice, a toxic looking pink color that completely put me off – it actually turned out to be lovely and after tasting one many of us wanted to go back and get our own. It’s a hard taste to describe but it was very sweet and refreshing.

Then the dumplings, which as you can see there are no pictures of as they were extremely ugly and no editing could do them any good. However, they were tasty with some salty soy sauce on the top – it was the warming bite I needed.


Next up the boys went for the raclette, large mounds of ‘just’ melted cheese poured onto a sausage on a baguette – a completely mesmerizing masterpiece to watch. If I was hungry I would 100% have tried one but I think I would put this in the incredibly rich and uncomfortably full department.

The macaroni cheese was a massive hit all round, a small mound of yellow deliciousness.

At this point we all had a bit of a dessert craving.


You know when you see something on Instagram, over and over and over again? Well if I had a penny for every ‘Wowfull’ I have seen online I would be a very rich girl.

So, I couldn’t not take this chance as we had finished our savory dishes I turn to my left and look at the bubble waffle irons turning – it was time.

You didn’t get a choice of ice cream so I had whatever this multicolored headache was, and for toppings I went for Oreo’s and I panicked with the other one so I received this multicolored cereal.

The waffle itself was delicious but I got bored of the inside it started to get very very sweet after a while – again you had to be hungry for this.


The healthier members of the group opted for the coconut ice cream, filled with fruit and goodness, and of course served in an actual coconut.

Others went for ice cream sandwiches – a classic.

To top it all off my roomie Flo decided to get a mango on a stick because why the hell not? Also – incredibly photogenic.

We sat down tucked into our desserts and ended up having a man with a piano serenading us (by serenading I mean taking the piss), what I would call a lovely end to a fantastic day.

Unfortunately the Brooklyn ones are now closed until the first weekend of April, but they are now in Downtown Manhattan, will I see you there?


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