I Went to a Secret Gig in Williamsburg

On a casual Monday night carving pumpkins for the fantastic holiday that is called, Halloween, a few of us decided to book tickets for SofarSounds. What I originally thought was called ‘Sofa’ sounds – I was very wrong.

The only thing you know when you buy your $15 ticket is the rough location of the venue, in this case Williamsburg, Brooklyn, you also know that there will be three artists. You do not know who the artists are, what kind of music they play or where exactly the venue is.

You find out the venue location probably about 24 hours beforehand, the venues can range from office spaces (this gig), cafe’s, peoples living rooms etc.


In the words of Sofar Sounds:

“Gigs in intimate spaces around the world. Sofar Sounds is a global movement which brings the magic back to live music.”

There are three rules to SofarSounds:

  1. No talking during sets
  2. Stay for the whole event
  3. No texting during sets

We wandered into the empty co-working space as people were sitting down on rugs and the microphone was being put in it’s place, found our own little rug and cracked open a beer (it’s BYOB). I have to say I had the best time, and I would do it over and over again.


The first act – Goldford – was a man who knew what he was doing. He had the confidence of someone who had been in the industry for a while and the voice of someone who should be a lot bigger than he actually is.


Belle Skinner 

Next up we had Belle Skinner, someone who had only been in New York for a year but had performed over 150 gigs (I apologise if this number is wrong). No one knew what to expect, but as soon as she started singing it was haunting. I loved her music, and became very stressed out when I didn’t catch her name in the beginning – thankfully I found a business card.

We all agreed, this girl should be a on a movie soundtrack.


The Big Takeover 

Well, well, well.

As soon as I saw a saxophone being whacked out I got very excited for the last band. These guys were not only very cool, they were also very talented. An upbeat band filled with energy, we all wanted to get up and dance. I can only image what a full concert with these guys would be like, and I know for sure I want to go to one.

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