The Rules of A Fall Road Trip

In America, Autumn is Fall, I like ‘Fall’ better so I have decided this is now what I will call ‘Autumn’ for the foreseeable future – until my British friends take the absolute piss out of me.

Anyway, apparently during the season of ‘Fall’ the hip hop happening thing to do is to visit a farm upstate and get involved in all things farmy*!

*Yes, I made up a word.

So, these are the rules of apple picking.


Do Have a Playlist for the Car Journey 

Something novelty.

Something upbeat.

Something hilarious.

Don’t go Hungover 

Everyone is happy, picking their apples left, right and center.

You pick one, eat it and hope it doesn’t take too long to fill up the apple bag.

Banging group picture though.


Do Drink Apple Cider

Funnily enough, it will get rid of the hangover.

It also tastes very nice, unfortunately it also attracts wasps. (Many, many wasps)

Don’t Forget to Bring Cash 

I did, oh  no wait, I didn’t have any.



Do Frolic in a Pumpkin Patch 

Who knew there were so many variations? Not me.

Big, small. orange, purple, white and who knows what else you can come across.

FANTASTIC, Instagram images available in a patch I will tell you that much.

Don’t Let Others Convince You Not to Go On a Hayride 

“You are dragged around a farm on a tractor, you can do that at home” (Hendo 2K17)

I don’t know about you but I’ve never been able to jump on a tractor before. #Ragrets


Do Listen to the Live Band

So happy, so country.

So. Much. Dancing.

Do Order More Than One Cider 

Those bartenders were stunning.

Carrie Bradshaw had it wrong, there are no eligible men in New York because they are selling cider in North Salem. #TheFarmLifeIsForMe


Do Go Through A Corn Maze

If you enjoy getting lost.

If you enjoy solving unsolvable riddles.

If you enjoy running through corn.

If you enjoy pretending you are in the Hunger Games.

If you have the patience of a saint.


Do Put Your Seat belt On, On the Way Back 

We don’t know where we are going, and there may be swerving involved.


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