Haggis is Illegal in the US

If I had known this, my last meal before moving to NYC would have most definitely been, yup you guessed it –

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties. 

(Translation: haggis, mashed turnip and mashed potato – a lot tastier than it sounds)

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One of the most delicious and heartwarming meals, it brings back memories of school and proper family dinners, so simple yet perfect in every way. The amount of people who say ‘yeah but it has sheep insides in it’, yes and what else do you eat?

Black pudding (blood)? Bone broth (..bones)? Stock e.g soups, stews etc (all of the animal)? Sausages (intestines)? Pate (liver)?

Alright veggie’s I hear you, whatever.

Why is it illegal you ask?

According to The Guardian

“Haggis imports stopped in 1971 when the US introduced a ban on sheep lungs, one of the ingredients of authentic haggis.”


Dear the US,

Are you being serious? One of the first things I was told, by more than one person, was to be careful of what I ate here (particularly meat) because of the amount of chemicals and rubbish that gets pumped into the food. Yet, you will not allow me a simple Scottish delight due to it including sheep lungs.

This is possibly one of the most ridiculous and annoying things that has happened to me while being here, this revelation has severely brought me down.

At least I found Irn Bru, or sh*t really would be hitting the fan.

Yours sincerely,



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