7 Ways to Not Give A Fxck (Surviving Away From Home)

Originally I was going to write a ‘New York Diary’, but to be perfectly honest with you I am not that kind of girl, and I find ‘day to day’ stuff mind numbingly boring. So, this is my kind of ‘diary’ otherwise known as complete and utter word vomit.

In a situation where I’ve had to move to the other side of the world, start a new career, meet new people, be away from my family and friends, live in the same room as someone I don’t know and share a flat with others I don’t know AND adapt to the new countries culture – I thought I’d take it worse. In fact, I was sure by this point in time there would some form of crying melt down.

It’s not happened yet.

Why? I’m not sure, I still feel as though it is on the cards but apparently I’m a much stronger person than I gave myself credit for. So, I thought why not write down the reasons why I am not a crying mess (yet.)

Don’t Care What People Think Of You 

I used to care a lot about what people thought of me, but in the situation that I currently find myself in – you can’t think like that. People try and ‘re-invent’ themselves, no that’s not for me.

I’m me, and this is the deal. If someone doesn’t like you that’s okay, shit happens, you build a bridge and get over it.

I’ve luckily found myself in a group of people from all walks of life who are the most open and inclusive individuals I have ever met – this experience has been so positive because of them.

I’ve literally gone from a wound up uptight person, to a slightly less wound up uptight person.  (Try and say that after a glass of wine)

Find your Happy Place 

I have a few:

  1. Dollar beers at Greenrock
  2. Cigarette on Times Square
  3. 230 Fifth
  4. Toby’s Estate Greenwich Village
  5. The cinema
  6. Swimming
  7. Eating (anything)

Whether you are with friends or by yourself, sometimes you need to just shake the sh*t off and go find your happy place.

Take a Walk

Sitting in your dingy room with a hangover from the night before is just going to let the anxiety and worry settle in.

Get yourself out of bed, shove on your comfies and wander – you have no idea what you are going to stumble upon. In my case custard ice cream that was disgusting, but I’m sure yours will be a lovelier experience. Plus, you will feel a lot better for it.

Are your friends nagging you to get out of bed? Good, leave it.

Will this Moment Matter in a Month? 

Of course it bloody wont.

I’ve tripped, I’ve had sweat patches, I’ve lead people in the wrong direction, I’ve probably got food all over myself, I’ve had lipstick on my teeth – you name it and it’s happened to me in the past month. Does it matter now? Hahaha – no.

Everything always seems a lot worse than it actually is, take a breath, pick yourself up from the pavement and join in with the laughter.

Look After Yourself 

Your body will tell you when to stop, so do as your told. Have that nap, clean your clothes and drink a gallon of water. Sometimes it’s okay to go to bed at 7pm, you need yourself to be you, not a zombie. It is unbeleivable what  a good nights sleep can do for you, I often wake up a brand new person giving less f*cks than the day before.

When you are at your peak, everything else will be too.

Call Home 

Sometimes you need that break, that breath of fresh air of speaking to a friend or loved one to bring you back down to earth.

Speaking to my friends back home after a night out so they can laugh at me, or speaking to my parents about life and whats going on – it takes your  mind off of everything because you have that moment of comfort.

You don’t realize how strong your bonds are with people until you move across the world – and they most definitely help you to not give a f*ck about those little things.

Have a Bloody Drink 

That cold beer and cigarette, that glass of red with dinner, that 5th frose (frozen rose) on a rooftop – sometimes you just need it.

It helps after a stressful day, it helps after a good day, it helps.

I would say drink responsibly, but that would make me a hypocrite.

How do you not give a fxck?

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