The Crooked Knife, New York

As you can probably already tell, I love a good bottomless brunch. Before I came to New York brunch was my favourite meal, add unlimited alcohol for 2 hours and you are on to a winner.

The Crooked Knife is located on West 14th street, if you didn’t know it was there you would probably walk past it – I did. It looks like an old pub on the outside and does a little bit on the inside too – until you get to the back of the restaurant where it opens up to a lovely looking open area with exposed brick wall flooded in  daylight.

We were unfortunately sat looking at the beautiful daylight area in our old pub area.


On the brunch menu you can order a wide range of omelettes or egg Benedict’s with fantastic names such as ‘Salmon Hayek’, ‘Canadian Kevin Bacon’ and ‘Christian Kale’.

I went for the eggs Benedict with Canadian maple bacon (The Canadian Kevin Bacon if you hadn’t already guessed), and received a tiny bit of bacon (one slither). The sauce that came with it was delicious so this evened out the pain of getting one strip of bacon, which FYI is very painful.

My friend didn’t want her bacon that came with her brunch so I received that, the bacon panic was over.


Also, why do I have potatoes with my breakfast? – questions to ask America.


The eggs were cooked well, and overall it was a delicious dish (saved by friend not wanting bacon.) Two of us had this, while my other friend had the chicken burger, the chicken was about five times bigger than the bun, and the menu said fried avocado but what arrived was guacamole – language difference maybe? This was not something that could be picked up and shoved in your gob, I’ll tell you that much.

Unlike my previous brunch your two hours started when your booking started which I didn’t appreciate or enjoy, so as my friends got lost for half an hour I made great friends with our jug of mimosas.


The staff were lovely, however at ten to one (10 mins left of our time) we had no drinks left….which I thought was odd as you have until the time is up. We paid the bill and left the waiter a tip, and it wasn’t until he looked at his tip that we received the last jug of  mimosa’s – bit rude if you ask me.

We were allowed to finish them off at the bar as they needed the table, it’s safe to say we were shielding our eyes from the light as we left the restaurant like mimosa filled vampires.


Have you been here? What did you think?

Food: 3/5

Decor: 3/5

Service: 3/5

Price: 3/5  – bottomless brunch $39 for two hours (bit pricey for what you got)

Overall: 12/20

Recommend: Your lost on 14th street and a mimosa is calling your name.

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