10 (more) Things I’ve Learned Living in NYC  

I thought I’d keep this up, because after all – you learn something new everyday.

You can find the last installment here.



Everyone Watches You Pee

The gaps between the toilet doors are so large I can tell you exactly what everyone in the loo is wearing without staring directly at them. Sometimes (all the time) you don’t want to see people on the loo, NYC doesn’t give you a choice.




No One Smokes

Well, they do – it’s just hard to find them. It is so hard to find a smoking area here that sometimes you just have to go out onto the street – this includes rooftop bars WHICH ARE IN OPEN AIR.

Good for my health, bad for my sanity.




Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane?…yes, yes it is. 

There is never not a plane in the sky, or a helicopter for that matter. I have never been somewhere where it is a constant, they overlap each other, they fly at different heights – they are genuinely everywhere and totally unavoidable.

Also did you know you can get a private helicopter to JFK for between $120 – $950. Seems reasonable right?…………right?




MoMA is free on a Friday 

I went, and did not enjoy it.

You know Primark on a Saturday? Yeah, that. I couldn’t actually see any of the art as it was about 6 people deep. I think I am slowly but surely adapting to the climate because tourists are really starting to wind me up….. I can’t believe I’ve just said I’ve only been here 3 weeks, shut up Talor.

I would rather pay to see the art than endure that again.




Dollar Slices Save The Day

No seriously.

You never know you need a dollar slice until you see that sign in the window – and all of a sudden you’re hungry.

Had a drink? Dollar slice.

Is it raining? Dollar slice.

No money? Dollar slice.

Is it Tuesday? Dollar Slice.




Portion Control 

Portions are huge, when people say this they are not kidding.

Sandwiches are piled high, there’s no such thing as a small anything and you will be full after two bites. BUT – there is a massive doggy bag culture here. That $15 giant bowl of ramen you just ordered and can’t eat all of doesn’t seem like so much of a waste when you can have it for lunch the next day.

Also, it’s not those terrible tinfoil / paper containers we have in the UK it’s full on Tupperware – ideal for poor people like me.



Tax Surprises Me EVERY TIME 

They add on tax at the till here, which means that $14.99 top you think is a bargain is actually $16 which doesn’t feel as appealing.

Also a shock to the system when you are heading to a set menu/ set price restaurant, and the price isn’t actually the one you signed up for – because not only do they add tax, they also add tip (well, technically you should add tip).




You have to tip here, and not the British ‘10%’, you have to tip well – 20%.

Even if the service is terrible, even if the food was disgusting, even if your vodka soda already costs $14 (still not over that) – you have to tip.

Why? You just have to, don’t question it.



Times Square Cops are Tour Guides 

I feel sorry for them, I work on Times Square so I witness first hand the amount of times someone will go up to them to ask for directions.

To be fair to them though, they are always up for a picture and look like very kind people.



Drinks Are Pricey at Baseball 

I mean, in all honesty I went for the atmosphere and the Yankees cap – not the actual game. So when I arrived to be told a can of beer was $15 – I was shocked.to.the.core.

Not only that but a double and mixer was $24 -whaaaaaaaaaaaat.

I don’t think baseball is for me.



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10 things I have learned living in NYC.

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