Zengo, New York 

Bottomless brunch, I still have a year left here and I know for a fact this is something I will miss.

Two hours of bliss, otherwise known as unlimited food & drink.

In this scenario, the place was called Zengo. Located 622 3rd Avenue 40th street this is a large restaurant ready to cater to your Latin-Asian fusion needs (yes, you read that correctly).

They had to cater for a large group of us, around 30, with one man taking each of our orders. I am not going to lie to you, he did so well seeing as he was essentially dealing with a large group of Brits abroad ready to drown themselves in Mimosa’s at 11.30am.


Thankfully in terms of food instead of picking from the menu it was more of a free for all. A random selection of the menu was placed on the tables for people to pick and choose from. When I say random – I mean random.

To drink I had many traditional mimosa’s and many of the blood orange mimosa’s (this was my favourite), you can also order guava or lychee mimosa’s, bloody Mary’s, margaritas and even sake sangria.

Guacamole and chips were placed in front of us as we were waiting – a god send. I don’t think the British are used to waiting for anything, as every second we were getting a little antsy wondering where our next plate of food or mimosa was coming from.


Food wise I tried –

  • Angry Zengo roll (tuna roll/sushi)- tuna, wasabi, avocado, cucumber.
  • Angus beef and pork sliders- chipotle chilli and grilled pineapple slaw.
  • Shrimp & vegetable potstickers.
  • Crispy tofu- baby bok choy, bean sprouts, cilantro, ginger , sesame sweet chilli.
  • Bacon fried rice- scrambled egg, kimchi.
  • Pork belly and poblano hash- poached egg, potato, salsa verde and onion.
  • Mexican chocolate waffle – caramel miso sauce and whipped cream.


If I got to order for myself and not deal with the random selection I would have went for the citrus cured salmon Benedict – crispy rice cake, house made kimchi and Siracha hollandaise.

How did I feel about the food? It was average – and I wouldn’t go here specifically for the food. I would however relive this brunch again as it was hilarious and I loved every second. My favourite dish had to be the sliders – and I am not a sliders gal.

We left, two hours later very happy ready for the next destination- which was funnily enough – a bar.


Have you had brunch at Zengo? What did you think?

Food: 3/5

Decor: 3/5

Service: 5/5

Price: 5/5  – $45 for bottomless food/drink (remember you have to add on tip and tax in America so it will be more than this depending on the size of the party.)

Overall: 16/20

Recommend: There’s a large group of you ready for the weekend.

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10 things I have learned living in NYC.

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