A trip to Stockholm with Vapiano

Recently I was invited on a trip to Stockholm by the international restaurant chain Vapiano, as they are going to be opening up a restaurant in both Edinburgh and Glasgow after summer.

As I had never been to Stockholm before, it was safe to say I was excited, especially with pizza and pasta involved.

To see how much fun I had check out the video below, and subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

I have written about the food below :).


We were flown to Stockholm on a Scandinavian Airlines flight, one of the most perfect aeroplanes I have ever been on – phone charger included. (I had to mention this as I was buzzing about it.)

Our first stop on arrival was The Mall of Scandinavia and onto our first Vapiano. A modern mall head to toe with every shop you could think of we were all slightly overwhelmed with how much we wanted to shop.

So, before I go into ordering I will explain how it works. As you walk in you are given a card, which is what you use to order all of your food and drink, once you have perused the menu you head to the part of the kitchen bar that you are ordering from – pasta/antipasti/pizza – you go up to the chef order what you would like from the menu (and change the dish as you wish as they will make you pretty much anything as long as they have the ingredients).

Then they will make it fresh in front of you and you take it from them back to your table. Unless you order pizza which takes slightly longer, so in that case, you are given a buzzer and head back to your table until you start to buzz, which is when you head back to the kitchen. When you are finished take your card to the till, and pay.

If you don’t get what I’m trying to say, that’s fine I just confused myself too, but it’s like when you ride a bike for the first time – once you get it, you get it.

Vapiano Arrabiata

The first Vapiano dish of the trip, and the first Vapiano dish for me ever, was the pasta arrabbiata and it was suggested I had this dish with penne pasta (you can have whatever shape of pasta you want.)

The arrabbiata is pasta with tomato sauce, garlic, onions and chilli, I also added bacon, because yano….bacon.

It was fun to watch them make it I am not going to lie, and they make everything in woks too which is unusual. I headed back to the table with my large bowl of pasta with an added sprinkle of parmesan and was greeted by a Brooklyn lager.

I’m not kidding when I say my mouth was on fire, but good fire, so I was having a hot flush but really enjoying my meal – tasty food is pain. No wait, it’s beauty is pain, never mind. Anywho, this was a great start to the day and I was very, very full.

Vapiano Pizza

We headed back to the hotel, Motel L, which was lovely and very similar to Citizen M in Glasgow, where we had around an hour to get ready and change for the next part of our Swedish journey – the boat trip.

We had a lovely jaunt around Stockholm on the boat learning a little bit about the history and witnessing its beautiful architecture, with a beer (bonus points).

We then headed to a lovely rooftop terrace for a drink or two to watch the sun go down over the beautiful city that is Stockholm. (I’m sure you saw this in my video though…right…right?!)

Vapiano Pesto

Between the boat and the roof top terrace we headed to our second Vapiano of the trip, although we were all still full from lunch as the portions are ginormous, the majority of us ordered pizza.

I went for the Chevre Con Fichi, which had a base of olive oil, mozzarella, with goats cheese, fresh figs, rocket, roasted walnuts, lemon and honey. I also had a glass of white wine with dinner, which is unlike me because I am not a white wine girl, but there is only so many carbs you can consume with a beer and the wine was a nice sharp accompaniment to my sweet pizza.

I deliberately ordered this because I am a sucker for a walnut, honey and rocket salad, so who says it wouldn’t be good on a pizza?

It was tasty and rich, nothing like a pizza but that’s fine because I didn’t order a classic. Due to the honey it was very sweet, luckily I have a sweet tooth.  The crunch of the walnut, the sweetness of the fig and the tanginess of the goat’s cheese all worked well together.

It was quite tough to finish especially when you are full from the pasta from lunch so you really have to be prepared for this one!

Vapiano Salad

A couple of the girls ordered salads in this Vapiano and they looked amazing, with the tomato and mozzarella salad you essentially received an entire Ostrich egg sized ball of mozzarella to yourself, that’s what I like to call a salad.

The next day we had a free morning, so we had a wander around the shops and quick coffee before our final Vapiano.

Vapiano Carbonara

This time I decided to go for a classic, a carbonara, but with added mushrooms because I felt like it.

The Vapiano carbonara is not a proper carbonara, as it has bacon, onions, egg and CREAM in it. But that’s okay, I felt like I needed to try it and a creamy pasta was all I needed at that moment in time.

I threw all rules out of the window and ordered it with pappardelle pasta instead of spaghetti because I’m a big rebel like that.

I have to say, this was my favourite out of the three, creamy and flavoursome.

Vapiano Strawberries and Cream

Even though we were all filled to the brim once again, we knew we had to try pudding because we hadn’t yet.

Some ordered strawberries and cream and I decided to get a tiramisu, the desserts come in two different sizes – a large jar or small, I went for a small.

I have to say I’m a big fan of tiramisu, so this one had a lot of competition, and I’m going to be honest and say it wasn’t quite up there for me.

However, everyone else was singing their praises about the strawberries and cream, so it appears I will have to try that next time.

Thank you to Vapiano and Stripe for the wonderful trip to Stockholm, it was a brilliant couple of days with lovely people and a lot of carbs, which is what I call – perfect.


I’m not going to rate Vapiano at this point in time as I would rather do that for the Edinburgh or Glasgow restaurants.

Average prices:

Pasta: £6.95 – £11.95 Pizza: £7.75 – £11.25 Pudding: £3.50 – £5.25

You will be able to find Vapiano in Edinburgh & Glasgow after the summer. Follow them on social media here:

Website: uk.Vapiano.com

Facebook: @VapianoUK

Twitter: @VapianoUK

Instagram: @VapianoUK

Note: I received this trip for free, all views my own.

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Facebook: Facebook.com/talortries

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