Milk tasting, yes, MILK tasting with Graham’s Family Dairy

I’m not a milk girl, if I do have milk it’s with cereal or coffee, and the last time I drank milk by itself (not including chocolate milk) was when we used to get those small cartons at primary school.

When I was kindly invited to a Graham’s the Family Dairy milk tasting with a Milk Sommelier – Doug Wood – I was intrigued, there was no way I was missing out on this.

So, off I popped to The Bon Vivant’s Companion bumping into my friend Leanne (L’Appetite Foodie) and we were escorted to their private room in the basement, set up ready for our milky dinner party.

Grahams Dairy Milk

On entering we were given a palate cleansing cocktail – clarified milk punch – something odd yet lovely.

We had an introduction from Doug and Graham’s to the evening, how they ended up working together and a discussion on how versatile and different milk can be – not just something you can add to your cereal.

The selection of milk we were tasting was going to be paired with nibbles from Bon Vivant. You say nibbles, I say – yes please.

We started off with semi-skimmed which Doug explained to us was a lighter milk, full of flavour with grassy notes. The first of our tastings was paired with haggis bon bons with a liquid gravy centre.

The bon bon was lovely, a nice mouthful of mildly spicy haggis with a burst of gravy, the milk was a cooling addition.

Grahams Dairy Milk Tasting Rolls

Organic whole with cream at the top was our next tasting opportunity, HELLO this was my kind of milk, paired with venison harissa pastilla.

The milk went down a treat reminding us all of sweet flavours, Doug mentioning notes of Panna cotta and white chocolate. I had zero idea what a pastilla was until it arrived, but it appears to resemble a spring roll – did not taste like one though, it was, in fact, a lot more delicious. Spicy kicks and full of character, this dish and the creamy milk went down a treat really complementing each other well.

Next we had Gold Topthis had a thick consistency with a strong flavour similar to that of single cream. Paired with crispy chicken skin dinner, a small yorkie with a chicken crisp on the top this was my favourite as it was like a miniature roast dinner. I am also one of those people that would rather have the chicken skin than the actual chicken – it’s just so full of flavour!

Grahams Dairy Food pairing

Placed in front of us was a palate cleansing sorbet to give us a small break from all of the milk consumed and to prepare us for the dessert ahead. I am not going to lie I always saw milk as a dessert accompaniment but now my view has been changed.

First up was the Gold Smooth with apple and blackberry crumble, a nutty milk with notes of vanilla, tasty stuff. The crumble wasn’t for me, it resembled a flapjack and I knew a cookie was on the way so I thought I would leave this one out for someone else to have (like the good cookie loving person that I am).

With the freshly baked chocolate cookie came the organic semi-skimmed, a fresh milk that wasn’t too heavy, a good all rounder.

A warm cookie is a warm cookie – good.

Grahams Dairy milk and cookies

This tasting opened my eyes to the versatility of milk and all of the tasting possibilities that come alongside it. I won’t be having it with every single course at dinner, but I will be bringing it into my diet more often, especially now I know you can buy it with cream on top.

Thank you to Graham’s the Family Dairy, Doug Wood and Wire for a lovely evening.


Photo taken by Carlo Paloni


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