Chaophraya, Edinburgh

Somewhere I have only ever been for cocktails, Chaophraya is the place to be for a stunning view of Edinburgh alongside dinner.

We headed along and entered the elevator feeling like we were about to enter Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, when in actual fact it was a beautifully decorated rooftop Thai restaurant.

We started off with a deliciously frothy espresso martini (one of my favourites) as we wanted to enjoy the outdoor balcony that looks over George Street. We were then escorted to our table overlooking Edinburgh Castle, into their conservatory-esque dining room greeted by a delicious cold glass of prosecco and a lovely little note from Chaophraya.

Chaopraya Prosecco

We perused the menu, with them gifting my Mum the vegetarian one as she has changed her eating ways, and we got to work.

For starter, the new vegetarian went for the Sweetcorn Cakes – deep fried sweetcorn blended with red curry paste served with sweet chilli sauce. It is safe to say these were demolished.

For my starter, I went for the Soft Shell Crab & Prawn Tempura – in a light crispy batter with a sweet chilli dip.

This was actually the first time I have ever tried soft shell crab and I enjoyed it. It was light with a delicate taste and I would love to now try it in a different style. The rest of the dish was lovely, there was also asparagus and onion rings. My only down point would be the onion rings, a slightly odd component of this dish even if they were tasty.

Chaopraya Prawn Crab Tempura

For main course, Mother dearest aka the fantastic shirt wearer, went for the Red Vegetable Curry – pineapple, courgettes, Thai aubergines and tofu garnished with sweet basil and chillies. She loved it, she couldn’t get over how they catered to veggies so well and that it all tasted so great and flavoursome.

I went for the King prawns with Ginger – king prawns sauteed with shitake mushrooms, Thai ginger, spring onion and red bell peppers. This is the kind of simple dish I absolutely love as it never fails to hit the spot. The ginger and spring onion created a nip of flavour and overall a well-balanced dish.

I should mention that each main comes with either rice or noodles, the rice was lovely and sticky and the noodles were the perfect accompaniment to my prawns.

Chaopraya prawns and ginger

Dessert was a tough choice as we were quite full by this point, but let’s face it, this has never stopped us before.

The White Chocolate box was screaming our name – white chocolate mousse with raspberry coulis on butter shortbread served with a mini macaroon and passion fruit syrup. Altogether a well-rounded dish for those of us with a sweet tooth, and the macaroon was a nice touch, there was also the obligatory photogenic flower (loved it). One point I would like to make is that you could easily take the shortbread out of this dish and it would still be delightful – it went a little mushy in the mousse.

We also got the sorbet, three scoops which were – lime and lemongrass, peach and prosecco and mango.

Mango sorbet is my one and only, when it’s not comfort ice cream it’s comfort mango sorbet. It’s sweet and delicious and I love it. The lime and lemongrass was sharp and a fantastic palate cleanser and the peach and prosecco was a delicate flavour.

chocolate box choapraya

Overall I really enjoyed my time at Chaophraya, and I can guarantee you I will be there many more times, I can’t recommend it enough.

Thank you to Chaophraya for inviting me along, I will see you again soon!

Have you been to Chaophraya? What did you think?

Food: 4/5

Decor: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Price: 4/5  – I received this for free but the graduation menu is £35 for three courses with a glass of prosecco.


Recommend: For a celebratory meal, delicious cocktails with friends or if you ever want to show off the beautiful city of Edinburgh to a newbie.

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5 thoughts on “Chaophraya, Edinburgh

  1. I have always wanted to visit there – I am a sucker for a rooftop area! That tempura looks so damn divine. Amazing photographs too!

    Kirsty | The Monday Project |

  2. Fabulous review.
    Does this graduation offer extend to October when NHS nurses will be graduating?

      1. Thanks for your speedy response, I have asked them on the original post hope fully they will reply.

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