Have You Met…. The Little Things?

For me blogging is all about imagery, when something is eye catching and beautiful, whether it is carrot cake, a shoe or a rickety old house it makes me want to read that blog.

The Little Things aka Louise, has nailed it. Louise lives in Edinburgh (the same city as me) and yet she portrays it in such a stunning rose tinted way that I feel like I live somewhere else.

Also shout out to Louise for pointing me in the direction for an awesome camera gadget that I now can’t live without.

Have you met…. The Little Things?

Why the name The Little Things?

I wanted to find something that really represented what I was writing about. As a travel and lifestyle blogger, I realised that it’s all of ‘the little things’ in life that make me¬†smile, and worth sharing, hence The Little Things was born.

Describe your blog in three words:

Colourful, adventurous, personal.

Where do you live and what are your three favourite things about that city?

I live in¬†Edinburgh, and my favourite thing about it is how there’s always something new happening each day. From the Fringe Festival to weekends exploring¬†the galleries and museums.


What is your favourite food to eat? Why?

I love so many cuisines it’s hard to choose! But I would say between Indian and Italian. I love spicy things, but there’s nothing more comforting than a big bowl¬†full¬†of pasta.

What is your least favourite food to eat? Why?

I¬†despise mushrooms. I’ve tried so many¬†times to like them, but I just can’t!

What is your favourite restaurant to eat at, why and what do you order?

I adore Locanda De Gusti in Edinburgh, and always order the rosemary and garlic steak. Super simple, but so tasty.


What is your favourite bar to drink at, why and what do you order?

I’m a big fan of cocktails and love a good cocktail bar. Local favourites¬†include The Blackbird¬†and Dragonfly.¬†Always a French Martini.

Where is your favourite place to have a coffee, why and what do you order?

I’m very¬†much a tea girl and find coffee too bitter. But I love Lovecrumbs in Edinburgh.¬†Especially¬†with a big slice of cake…

You can only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Mary Antoinette was a wise woman when she said let them eat cake. I’m going to run with that and eat cake, every day.


What is your biggest food vice?

I’m a total chocoholic. Literally any kind of chocolate or chocolate related food. Give it to me!

What is your favourite city for food? Any recommendations?

Now I’m a little bias here in¬†saying Edinburgh; but there’s so many wonderful places from all world cuisines here, you’re always spoilt for choice, whatever you fancy.

Fill in the¬†gaps :¬†If I had to be food I would be… because…

Okay so I just did a quiz to find this out, and apparently, I’m a taco. Take of that what¬†you¬†will!


What are your three favourite social media accounts to follow? (Can be any form of social media) 

I follow so many fellow inspiring bloggers, it’s hard to narrow things down but three of my favourites are:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/themothercooker

Gem is someone I’ve been following for years, way before she even became The Mother Cooker. She’s always filling my Twitter timeline with daily optimism combined with a dose of wonderful recipes, and she always keeps me inspired with food!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CharlieDistracted/

Charlie is a travel blogger and fellow foodie lover. She’s really down to earth and I always smile reading her posts, whilst watching her adventures across the world.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chevronseclairs/

Supal is someone I came across recently, and fell in love with her wonderfully chic style and pretty Instagram feed. She’s also super lovely, and always up for a chat! An all round good egg.


Thanks Louise for getting involved! Follow The Little Things on social here: 

Website: LittleThingsBlog.co.uk

Twitter: @LittleThings_LB

Instagram: @LittleThings_LB

Facebook: @BlogTheLittleThings

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