Have You Met…. Bee Waits For No One?

This week we are heading to Glasgow, a city that oozes cool and is always ahead of the trend. The blogger, Bee Waits, mirrors the city she lives in.

With Bee Waits, otherwise known as Claire, you know for a fact you are reading the honest truth. I have never read a more genuine blog, whether it is adventures in Tokyo, a new restaurant opening, feminism, fashion or even adventures in masturbation, Claire puts her own spin on it.

This is a blog that reads like a diary, except a lot more intelligent and less terrible handwriting.

So without further ado.. Have you met….Bee Waits?

Why the name Bee Waits For No One?

It’s a very old nickname merged with a Tom Waits reference and it just kind of stuck. I started blogging around 8 years ago and I’m ashamed to say I didn’t put much more thought into it other than it was my name on MySpace at the time.

Describe your blog in three words:

Light-hearted voyeurism.

Where do you live and what are your three favourite things about that city?

I’ve lived in Glasgow for over 10 years and I love it. Really though it’s the people more than anything else.

What is your favourite food to eat? Why?

For me, food is such a social thing and I love variety. I love small plates because I really love a bit of everything (I mean, come on, is there anything worse than getting food envy?) and I guess in a way I get bored easily?  I mean gun to my head, favourite things I like to eat when I’m out or otherwise? Cheeseboard and oysters.  Again it’s all about being able to try lots of different flavours and customise it to your palette.

What is your least favourite food to eat? Why?

I am drawing a blank here and I’ve got no idea why.  I’ll try most things at least once.

What is your favourite restaurant to eat at, why and what do you order?

Oh this is a toughie, as going out for dinner is my favourite way to spend time with people.  My current favourite is Alchemilla in the West End – though they frequently change their menu. As a general rule though if something has ceviche, squid, coriander or pomegranate involved I’m going to be so down for it.  Last time I went I had this amazing cauliflower dish that was just crazy delicious. For Chinese- Asian Gourmet hands down every time and I’ll always try and get something different (though I’m inclined to leaning into anything with chilli.) Hanoi Bike Shop for Pho (their homemade organic tofu is amazing) aaaaaand Dhakin or the Dhabba for Indian – paneer, lamb or monkfish. AAAAAAAND now I’m hungry.

What is your favourite bar to drink at, why and what do you order?

I love Gin71 for cocktails as they really lean into that aromatic/botanical/floral vibe I love in my drinks. The Panther Milk Bar is great for…well panther milk (seriously, it’s all they sell and you need to try it, it’s incredible.) I love Rogano for Bloody Mary’s and Champagne and Sleazy’s if I’m just going in for either beer or a dark rum and coke.

Where is your favourite place to have a coffee, why and what do you order?

I don’t really go out for coffee too much, but I’m down for anywhere that has Dear Green Coffee. Papercup is on my street so I’ll try pop up for a lazy Sunday lunch and a flat white if I’m wanting to get my caffeine kick. I also am a little bit obsessed with Kaf in the West End. They recently opened and other than having the best scandi plate known to man, their hand-brewed filter coffee, black is just incredible.  The best coffee I’ve ever had though was a seasonal blueberry latte at Steamer Coffee Co in Tokyo and I legit still fantasise about it. I mean I don’t want to be hyperbolic and say it’s worth the airfare alone but….

You can only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Cheese. Obviously.

What is your biggest food vice?

Salt and spice? I love adding rock salt to anything I can get away with (hot chocolate, veggies etc) but I’m also of the mindset that tabasco & jalepenos can improve pretty much anything.

What is your favourite city for food? Any recommendations?

AAAAAH! Okay – so when I travel, my money goes on food. For me it’s the best part of the trip (is that terrible?) I recently just got back from Berlin and it’s one of my favourite places in the world.  To start though – Cookies Cream (vegetarian fine dining hidden behind an Opera House), Cocolo Ramen for a big steaming bowl of noodles, Kimchi Princess for anything, Brammibal for Vegan Donuts (GET THE THYME ONE), Bastard for brunch and their homemade ginger tea, Long March Canteen for dumplings and House of Small Wonder for onigiri.

What are your three favourite social media accounts to follow? (Can be any form of social media)

@ripannanicolesmith for those niche feminist memes, described as “Intellectual writing with an Elle Woods vernacular.”  so y’know it’s good.

@thegooddeath – for some good old fashioned staring into the abyss (jk/ it’s delightful, informative and hilarious. Plz do yourself a favour and go watch ALL of Ask a Mortician on YouTube.)

@decorhardcore for basically all my dreamy interior scratches to be itched.

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