According to the world of social media, it’s British Sandwich Week.

Classic Britain eh?

Anyway, here’s my take on this week.

Hi, I would like a sandwich that is most definitely not a sandwich please.

Hi, can you recommend anyfin fishy? 

Hi, I’m not sure what I fancy… can you recommend something? 

‘I’ll make love to you’ Boyz 2 men starts playing… as this sandwich appears.

Hi, I would like that bread that will break my teeth?


Hi, I’d like the worst looking sandwich possible.

Hi, I would like two whole sandwiches, but I want it to be in four separate pieces laid out on my denim shirt. For the Instagram you know?


Hi, I would like my sandwich to taste of absolutely nothing.


Hi, can you put an unnecessary fruit on my sandwich?


Hi, I’m a cannibal. 

“Say no more.”

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