Bibimbap Soho, London

Here’s the thing, I was in London and I was meeting my friend Emma for brunch/lunch, she is also a foodie so I knew she would come through with great suggestions, you can check out the interview I did with her here.

I also said ‘Emma I am hungover cure me’, and boy, did she pull through with Bibimbap.

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It doesn’t look like much when you enter but Emma said we had to try it because it’s meant to be great and well priced, which in my books is all you need.

We sat down at a table that appeared to have rings burnt into it and there were a variety of chilli sauces ready to smother whatever you ordered.

The menu is simple but filled with delicious choices, we both narrowed in on the one option that was gleaming at us from the selection.

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The ‘Chilli Chicken’, the chicken is marinated in chilli, garlic and soy sauce and it comes with a selection of vegetables and a fried egg on top.

What you are supposed to do with Bibimbap is mix it all together so each component is completely combined, I covered mine in the aforementioned chilli sauce before the mix took place.

SUCH a  simple dish but it was everything I could have wanted and needed at this particular moment in time. It was spicy, filling and unbelievably delicious.

I then understood the burnt rings in the tables as these bowls arrive sizzling hot – do not touch them.

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Have you been to Bibimbap Soho? What did you think?

Food: 5/5

Decor: 2/5

Service: 2/5

Price: 5/5 (BiBimBaps  £7.50 – £12.50)


Recommend: You’re hungover but you don’t want something greasy, you want something that will make you feel whole again. (Atomic Kitten song stuck in head guaranteed.)

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