Talor Tries….Easy Easter Egg Ice Cream

Do you ever sit there and think about what the sweetest thing you could possibly make at that moment would be? Then you remember it is Easter at the weekend so you should probably incorporate that into it?

And then you somehow end up with some epic ice cream?


Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.



  • 8 x Creme Eggs
  • 397g Condensed Milk
  • 2 x packs of Cadburys Mini Eggs
  • 2 x 600 ml Double Cream



Pour the condensed milk into a pan, feel free to scrape the remnants from the tin and eat them as this is what I did, no regrets.

Cut up four of your Creme Eggs and add them to the pan.

Melt it down on a low heat so it doesn’t burn until it is glorious and smooth.


Whip up your cream to soft stiff peaks.

This sentence makes sense in my head, I am sure it does in yours too.

(Does it?)

Cut up the remainder of your Creme Eggs into bite sized pieces and add them to a bowl with the mini eggs.


Once your condensed milk and Creme Egg mixture has cooled add it to your whipped cream and mix together.

Then add your bowl of eggs to the mixture and combine.

This should end up looking a delicious caramelly colour with the odd egg lump here and there.

Everyone loves an egg lump.

(I don’t know what that means either).


Pour into a freeze proof container and freeze for 24 hours….then you guessed it….



I feel sick, you are about to feel sick, we all feel sick with happiness.

Watch how I made it here:

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