Easter Eggs That Should Exist 

So, there’s now a Cheese Egg thank you God, and a Buckfast Egg egg…..really?

So, I’ve been thinking what kind of egg would I like?

A Bloody Mary egg.

Just imagine a giant glass egg filled with Bloody Mary. Similar to putting a straw in a coconut but a version that is terrible for you.

Curing one Easter hangover at a time.


We’ve got square sausage, normal sausage and blood sausage. Why not an egg sausage?

Hold up, did I just invent the scotch egg?


Now, think about this one, bacon weaved together to make an egg.

Crunchy, smokey goodness all up in eggville.

Smoothie Bowl. 

For the healthy folk out there let’s go for a smoothie bowl egg. That’s right I’m down with the kids. I’m talking an egg filled with whizzed up fruit, coconut, goji berries, let’s even go wild and throw some granola on there.

I got your back y’all.


I don’t know why but I’ve been thinking about lasagna the whole time so now all I can think about is a lasagna egg. Just layers of pasta beef tomato sauce cheese all the good stuff.

Mmmmm. Lasagna.

What do you want to see on the shelves this Easter?

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One thought on “Easter Eggs That Should Exist 

  1. I actually laughed out loud at the Scotch Egg…
    So, I think we need a Wine Jelly Egg, or Macaroni Cheese Egg. Pretty sure either of those would make my life complete.

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