What To Eat When You Are Feeling Down

It was the International Day of Happiness yesterday, and it got me thinking what makes me happy? A lot of things really, but I think the most obvious answer, and for blogging purposes, food is a very clear answer. (My cat is also very high on this list.)

Do you ever just have one of those shit days where the only thing that will cheer you up is a creme egg or a sausage roll?… you get the drift. This is what this post is about.

You’ve forgotten to put your watch on, your phone’s run out of battery and your hairs doing that sticky uppy thing again. Who do you turn to? 

Why, fried chicken of course. 

You’ve had a tough day at work, you broke a nail, you’ve run out of Gossip Girl episodes to watch and your cat just wont god damn cuddle you. Who do you turn to? 

Why, Ice cream of course. 


Your hairdresser cut a chunk of your hair off, you ate something dodgy last night that your currently paying for and you just got an electricity bill you weren’t expecting. Who do you turn to? 

Why, Mac and Cheese of course. 


Logan was a lot more depressing than you expected, Stranger Things isn’t out until October and McDonalds has taken away mozarella sticks again. Who do you turn to? 

Why, brownies of course. 


It’s that time of the month, vodka ruined your life last night, you can’t remember the last time you washed your hair and you accidently sent an inappropriate text to your coworker. Who do you turn to? 

Why, tacos of course. 

America’s got a new president, Articles are about to be triggered and there’s a Referendum on the horizon. Who do you turn to? 


This was all a joke, do not take it seriously.

What do you eat when you are feeling down ?

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3 thoughts on “What To Eat When You Are Feeling Down

  1. That taco looks amazing, and I think I now need tacos in my life despite having only had them less than a week ago….
    Great list though!

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