The Salisbury Arms, Edinburgh

Hidden away opposite the Commonwealth Pool the Salisbury Arms is a delight. It looks like a very large house on the outside and as we stepped into the entrance we were immediately impressed. The decor was modern meets homey-pub combined with Laura Ashley.

We were met with a smile and escorted to our table which was next to the fire in the middle of the dining room.


For starters Mum went for the crayfish and crab pot in Devon crab mayonnaise with ciabatta bread and I went for the deep fried Somerset brie in panko breadcrumbs with apricot and cumin chutney.

I don’t know why – as it doesn’t say it on the menu- but I just expected my cheese to actually come with something…..not just be a slab of cheese? I mean I’m not complaining deep fried cheese is what I like to call the dream. The chutney was great alongside the cheese and the overall dish was tasty.


For main course Mum ordered the caramelised fig and whipped goats curd pizza with mozzarella and hazelnuts.

As you can see from the above picture it was served in a dish made for pizza, however it did not fill the dish….at all. I thought oh, maybe this was the last bit of dough and Mum received the smaller pizza of the bunch, but as I looked around others received small pizzas on large pizza plates. I really did not understand this as it made me feel like you were being shown what you could have had?

I know I’m thinking a lot into a pizza dish…..but pizza is pizza.

Overall I believed she enjoyed the dish I had a nibble and it was pretty tasty, that was until I started to mention wasps and figs….you can google that one yourself.


I ordered the wagyu burger with smoked Irish cheddar, crispy onions, tomato relish with sweet potato fries and aioli.

I don’t know about you but I feel as though when it comes to cooking programmes it is hammered into us that wagyu beef is the best, top notch, unbelievable etc so I thought…this burger is going to blow my mind.

However I also remember watching Gordon Ramsey  and whoever he was shouting at, at the time were cooking with wagyu. The majority of people cooked a clean simple steak and one girl made a wagyu burger, thinking this will impress the big G. He basically said, why would you ruin something so perfect.

What I’m trying to say is this burger didn’t float my boat, it was good, but I wouldn’t order it again. The sweet potato fries were delicious as was the aioli. The aoili literally blows your head off, but that’s kind of how I like my garlic, Mum was on the other end of the spectrum and her face screwed up when she tried it. Totally depends on your garlic tolerance with this one!


For dessert we ordered the melting golden chocolate bomb with caramel ice cream, chocolate  popping candy and hot toffee sauce.

We both agreed this was the star of the show. The waitress poured the golden liquid all over the chocolate ball so it melted away to reveal the ice cream, a beautiful sight to behold for all dessert lovers.

The dish itself was incredible, the combination of the ice cream, hot sweet sauce and popping candy was perfect and I would eat it again and again. Mum and I may as well have been fencing with our spoons to get the last drop.

Favourite dishes in order: chocolate bomb, fried cheese, pizza, crab and burger.

Have you been to The Salisbury Arms? What did you think?

Food: 3/5

Decor: 4/5

Service: 5/5

Price: 3/5 I received this for free however –  (Brie: £5.95, Burger: £15.95, and chocolate bomb: £7.95) The starter and main are slightly overpriced for me, the dessert I would happily pay this price.

Overall: 15/20

Recommend: It is a bit out of town for me, but if you are in that area I would recommend going for a comforting pub meal surrounded by modern decor and a beautiful open fire. (Oh, and order the chocolate bomb because duh.)

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