The Raj, Edinburgh

I was invited to check out The Raj, a restaurant I knew to be by the shore and now located in Blackhall, a random place to choose as your next position in Edinburgh but each to their own!

Dad and I headed out to Blackhall to see what was going on, we arrived and seemed to be the only people there. This meant we received great service from the staff and not only were they attentive they were also very friendly. (More people arrived as the evening went on, we were actually pretty early for our booking).


The menu has a million and one things to choose from, I played it safe and chose dishes I recognised, this was a mistake on my part which I will explain later.

We started off with papadums accompanied by the chutney tray filled with homemade concoctions. These were particularly delicious, I didn’t finish it all though as I like a popadum or two for main meal dipping situations. Got to plan in advance you know?


I started off with the roast potato and cashew nuts, it comes with fried onion, garlic and a hot and sweet sour sauce.

Although not the most appealing looking dish it was lovely, quite plain and not too spicy but a good sized portion to begin your meal. I have this thing with cashews were I believe they make everything taste better and I am yet to be proven wrong.

Dad had the lamb kebab for starting, he really enjoyed it….I did not get to try any he enjoyed it that much.

For main Dad ordered a house speciality which was the aromatic lamb. It consisted of lamb cooked with lots of spices, tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach with a dash of yoghurt.

I ordered the chicken tikka masala which is pieces of chicken marinated in yoghurt and spices , cooked on tandoor and served in a creamy tomato sauce, one of my favourites.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

We also ordered the peshwari naan (stuffed with almonds and sultanas), the garlic and coriander naan, rice and a dal.

What is lovely is that they place your dishes onto little metal containers that are kept warm by candles underneath, so your meal will not get cold. It’s the little things.

As mentioned before I played it safe which was silly of me as I knew it was going to be good. It was and I really enjoyed it, however Dad’s dish was delightful, really really good. To the point where I was eating the leftovers when he was finished, so I have learned my lesson I’ve got to step out of my comfort zone sometimes. The conclusion for our main courses is that they were both truly delicious.

One of the naan’s was a little bit burnt but overall good, I preferred the peshwari as it brought a little sweetness to the meal. The dal was tasty and a good accompaniment, not very memorable though.


When we were done the lovely staff offered us an after dinner alcoholic beveridge from their drinks trolley or a coffee, we declined as we didn’t feel like it. They then brought over a couple of little sweet treats which I really appreciated as I wasn’t expecting it. Now, I apologise I’ve completely forgotten the names of each of the small tasters so I’m just going to describe them (above picture).

The twisty wiry looking part was my favourite of the lot, it was chewy sticky goodness and I need to find out exactly what it was because I’d like to have it again. The bit in the middle was a kind of chocolate cake dumpling with whipped cream around it, it would have been a little hard to eat if it didn’t have the cream, and the little sponges in the corner were gorgeous, they were soaked in something lovely.

Apologies once again for the weak description.

Have you been to The Raj? What did you think?

Food: 4/5

Decor: 2/5 (Bit old fashioned for me)

Service: 5/5

Price: 5/5 I received this for free however starters are all under £3 and mains are between £5-8.

Overall: 16/20

Recommend: If you are in the Blackhall area and fancy a curry

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