Caravan, London

Many of my wonderful friends live in the city of London so I thought I would visit them one weekend, silly me of course landed on a Friday morning when everyone was at work so I took this opportunity to see as much of London as possible.

I landed starving and lost, but I had many food recommendations that I wanted to check out and one of these was Caravan, I picked here because it was at Kings Cross and I knew how to get there. (Plus I like to go see Platform 9 3/4 every now and then #SchoolMemories)

Yet, I still got lost trying to find this place… after my third circle round this building, I found it.

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I wanted to charge my phone as I had just landed and it was about to die – not ideal when you have to meet your friends 6 hours later. Anyway I asked the lovely host if I could get a table with a plug, she told me that there was none free apart from the communal table at the back. I headed round to find myself looking at a full table of people hunched around each other’s laptops, I felt like I had just walked into the movie The Social Network…I felt a little out of my depth.

So, I went back and said I wasn’t bothered about the plug and she took me to my own table.

Little did I know communal tables and London come hand in hand.

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I was sat at a very comfy seat at a lovely table where I could watch the world go by in this rustic yet modern restaurant, the staff were great and attentive as well.

It was a casual setting bustling with people, from friends catching up, business meetings, loners like me and as mentioned before the Mark Zuckerbergs of my generation.

The only reason I know this is because I had the time to study everyone.

I was told the coffee was great so I ordered a flat white, there’s nothing quite like beautiful latte art, but there is also nothing better than a dreamy coffee. Let me tell you. This. Coffee. Was. Incredible. Full of flavour at the perfect warm temperature and my eyes rolled into the back of my head.

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For food I ordered the jalapeno cornbread with sherry corn salsa , fried egg and herb creme fraiche.

I can’t even describe how good this was or how upset I am that I don’t live in London to eat it.

This was incredible, the cornbread was spicy but not blow your head off, the egg was perfectly cooked with a slightly runny centre and the creme fraiche was the accompaniment I never knew it needed. This isn’t something that I would expect anyone to put together yet when I read it on the menu it screamed my name, and I know it still calls for me…it must miss me too…right?

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People of London, go here. No wait, people of the world….go here.

Just not when I go because I want my own table.

Have you been to Caravan? What did you think?

Food: 5/5

Decor: 3/5

Service: 4/5

Price: 5/5 Flat white £2.8 Breakfast ranges from £6 – £11


Recommend: This is the kind of brunch you need when you are hungover, this is the kind of brunch you need to put a smile on your face, this is the brunch you need.

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