Have You Met….Fed In Ed?

I’m so lucky to live in a city where there’s a new restaurant, bar or cafe opening all the time. I’m even more lucky to be surrounded by other Edinburgh food bloggers.

Not only do other bloggers make you aware of new places and give great recommendations but you also see another point of view- whether it’s from a student,  someone new to Edinburgh, someone who works 9-5 or someone who has lived here for fifty years.

It’s so fun to compare and contrast and let’s not forget, look at the pictures.

This week I’m chatting to Lucy, otherwise known as Fed in Ed…..

Why did you choose Instagram as your main social platform?

Instagram is how I share memories with others in an easy, fun and engaging way. It is also a window on the world to see other places, people and, most importantly for me, food. It broadens my horizons by tempting me to try new recipes and restaurants.

What made you start Fed in Ed?

I started Fed in Ed because my personal Instagram was transforming into a food blog, and then *lightbulb moment* I’m going to start my own foodie Instagram! I am also currently a 3rd year Hospitality and Marketing student at Edinburgh Napier so having a food blog makes sense! I love food, and I love sharing it with others. It’s such a nice feeling hearing from friends or followers, going to a place I have recommended and really enjoying it.

Give us three reasons to follow you on Instagram:

1). I never go anywhere too expensive to eat due to being a skint student, so if you are looking for somewhere which won’t break the bank then I’m your gal!

2). Its all about the photo’s! My pictures show delicious food and hopefully entices my followers to interact with the blog.

3). As a Hospitality student, I have an interesting insight into the food business and an appreciation of how things work. Food is both my professional and personal passion.

Name your three favourite things about Edinburgh:

1). My favourite place in Edinburgh is The Grassmarket. My favourite go-to places are in the Grassmarket including Marys Milk Bar, Maison de Moggy and Armstrong’s. It is a lovely place to just sit on a bench with an ice cream in hand and stare up at the stunning view of the castle. Plus! The market on a Saturday is so good, especially the Knights Kitchen stall, try the Samosas, you won’t regret it especially when a portion with some chilli sauce is only £2!

2). The Meadows in the Summertime is just the best, I love that it is the place to be when the sunshine appears here in Edinburgh. It acts as a garden for flat-dwellers like me with a relaxed atmosphere, and also you can’t beat the smell of barbecues in Summer.

3). Finally, there are so many things to see and do here, I have been living here for three years now and I still feel like I haven’t ticked off all of the ‘touristy’ things yet. I also love how there is always something going on whether it’s a market, an exhibition or a concert.

What is your favourite food to eat? Why?

Nachos… need I say more. They are perfect, because they are a combination of my favourite things… cheese, guacamole, salsa, jalapenos, crisps and sour cream. They are good for sharing, and also not sharing…

What is your least favourite food to eat? Why?

TOMATOS. I have never liked tomatoes, I hate the texture, the fleshy bits, the seeds eew. Especially, cherry tomatoes, they are the evilest of them all, the bursting sensation in your mouth. *fingers crossed*I hope that one day I will eventually like the taste of them.

Where is your favourite place in Edinburgh to eat and why?

I think my all-time favourite place to eat in Edinburgh, and probably a lot of other pizza lovers in Edinburgh favourite place has got to be Civerinos. Their pizzas are to die for, I love the chilled/casual vibe and the staff are always super friendly. I also don’t think they over charge because the portions are huuuuuuge and also they are in such a prime location, just off the Royal Mile. Finally, they sell Frosé… nothing more to say about that.

Where is your favourite place to drink in Edinburgh and why?

I would have to say the Boozy Cow is one of my favourite places to have a drink in Edinburgh. They have the best cocktails selection I think, from the classics to the really unusual. Also, they serve their beers in frozen tankards, which I love especially an ice cold Estrella *salivates*. I love the cool vibes, and the décor. A++

Where is your favourite place to have a coffee in Edinburgh and why?

Sadly, I can’t actually drink coffee so I don’t tend to go to coffee shops very often but I do love a good ole’ hot chocolate. My favourite place to go for a hot chocolate has got to be Lovecrumbs, especially their Rose and Cardamom hot chocolate. Lovecrumbs has the loveliest décor, I love the mismatched furniture, crockery and also the cabinet full of cake. And, of course the lovely window seat if you are lucky enough to bugsy it.

You can only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I love bananas, you can eat them so many ways. I love bananas in a smoothie, bananas on toast, bananas with ice cream or the ultimate dish, crepes with banana and chocolate sauce or nutella.

What is your biggest food vice?


What is your favourite city for food other than Edinburgh? Any recommendations?

I’m going to be bias and say my hometown in the Highlands, Inverness. There are many hidden gems in the Highlands, and more recently there have been a few ‘hipster-type’ or “studenty places” popping up, watch here if you don’t understand the reference – Burnistoun: Student Place. In terms of recommendations, I would say my favourite place is the Mustard Seed which is beautiful restaurant on the Riverside. It has the best lunch menu, with two courses for £9.95. It serves local meat from local butchers, and also sells other local produce from cheese to whisky. It has a lovely atmosphere with an open fire, fresh flowers and shelves of wine all the way to the ceiling. Bonus point – lovely smiley staff always!

Fill in the gaps : If I had to be food I would be  ….. Because…

I would have to say if I had to be a food I would be a cake, probably a home-made Victoria sponge which is my favourite cake. I would be a cake because I have many different layers to my personality, and you could say I like to decorate myself? I love make up and dressing up. Plus, I’m quite round and kinda sweet…

What are your three favourite social media accounts to follow?  (Can be any form of social media)

1). Miss Piggy Eats on Instagram

2). La Petite Foodie on Instagram

3). Kate Eats Good Food on Instagram

If you are a blogger or local food business and want to be interviewed for my ‘Have You Met’ series, ping me an email to talorgilchrist@gmail.com with the subject Have You Met….?.

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