Have You Met….Life of a DIY Shopaholic?


Blogs are great because they are the complete personality of the people behind them, I will guarantee that you will not find a blog that is identical to another. (Maybe the theme but not the content).

One thing I have enjoyed learning from my blogger interviews is why people started their blog, it is something that I’ve never actually thought about before but is actually really interesting.

Another thing I love about reading blogs is watching the people grow and change behind them and that’s where we meet Michelle, the mind behind Life of a DIY Shopaholic, who recently turned vegan and through blogging is sharing her journey.

Have you met….Life of a DIY Shopaholic?

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For the @goveganscotland stall at the weekend in #glasgow, I decided to put my friend's #vegan choc chip cookie recipe by @daily_rebecca to the test. Man were they the best choc chip cookies I've ever had, vegan or not! My whole tin was gone within an hour and even @jamesaspey loved it! After my friend who they were originally made for, I give you the #rebecca, friend to #gary #vegan #chocchip #vegansnack #crueltyfree #makeadifference #gamechanger #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #vegansofinsta #vegancampaign #veganchallenge #thetideisturning #jointhecompassionaterevolution #plantpower #plantstrong #whatveganseat #dairyfree #lactosefree #lactoseintolerant #vegans #strengththroughcompassion #edinburghbloggers #veganblogger #veganeats

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Why the name Life of a DIY Shopaholic?

When I first started my blog in 2013, I had a difficult time trying to choose a catchy name that would describe what my blog is about and also be memorable. It started off being a way of following my dressmaking journey (I had just started sewing the month before). As an impulse buyer, I know if I really like something when I see it and I do end up buying it, so my friends started calling me a ‘shopaholic’. I thought, what better way to describe what I really get up to as my blog evolves? So the name Life of a DIY Shopaholic is just that: insight into what I’m making myself (whether it be food, sewing or dressmaking projects), where I go to eat and what is on my mind.

Describe your blog in three words:

It might be a strange combination, but I would have to go with ‘crafty’, ‘hungry’ and ‘insightful’

What made you start your blog?

The few months before I started my blog was a very emotional one. I lost a really good friend who lost the battle to cancer. She was only in her 30s. After I received news of her passing, I also made a sock monkey in her memory which still sits on my desk today. I then decided to start doing the things I’d only dreamt of before and with some help from my mother-in- law, I made my very first dress. I knew there would be other people who would struggle to start their journey into dressmaking as I had done (luckily I had help). I wanted to reach a wider audience and show that it seems daunting at first, but is really easy to pick up. A typical introvert, I can express myself better in writing so I started sharing my own sewing tutorials and when I realised Scotland was still relatively under the radar, began to introduce our beautiful city of Edinburgh I’ve called home for the past 8 years.

What are your three favourite things about Edinburgh?

My three favourite things would have to be the people, the rich cultural history and the atmosphere. It’s hard to describe, but it’s a beautiful city, and having grown up in a modern city like Hong Kong, it’s a much slower pace of life and you’re surrounded by so much history everywhere you look which is lost in Hong Kong. I know it’s up for debate about whether Glasgow is better, but I really do love Edinburgh. A lot of people prefer Glasgow, but Edinburgh feels like home to me.

What is your favourite food to eat? Why?

I can’t resist a good bowl of pho. I’m still an Asian at heart and nothing beats a tasty bowl of noodles in a rich broth. I also love egg waffles (sometimes called egglettes) from Hong Kong which is a big plate-sized waffles with raised egg-shaped spheres instead of the lattice pattern you get on waffles. I’ve recently become vegan and am working on a vegan recipe which I hope to post on my blog soon!

What is your least favourite food to eat? Why?

I imagine it’s because I ate it so much growing up, but I’m not a big fan of fish. There are quite a lot of Chinese dishes I’m not too keen on, but fish is one thing I’ve never really liked. I don’t mind battered fish from the chippy, but the texture of steamed fish has ruined it for me. I’m also not too keen on the smell.

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Tried the new recipe from @thevegankind box and made #raspberry and #strawberry chocolate using recipe for truffles from @myfruitykitchen that I tried to turn into a large chocolate bar for #valentinesday. As the OH says, #creativity is good…if only I knew what I was doing! It looks nice though! Happy #valentinesday everyone! #cookingfail #darkchocolate #thevegankind #vegan #crueltyfree #makeadifference #gamechanger #veganpledge #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #vegansofinsta #vegancampaign #veganchallenge #thetideisturning #jointhecompassionaterevolution #plantpower #plantstrong #whatveganseat #dairyfree #lactosefree #lactoseintolerant #vegans #strengththroughcompassion #edinburghbloggers #veganblogger #veganeats

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Where is your favourite place in Edinburgh to eat and why?

Vietnam House on Grove Street is my favourite. My husband and I have been going regularly since it opened back in 2011. It was the only Vietnamese restaurant in Edinburgh at that time! The food taste amazing at very reasonable prices. The staff are also very friendly, we know the owner quite well! All the artwork lining the walls are made by the owner’s mum who owns the gallery opposite Haymarket station where you can also get a taste of real Vietnamese tea.

Where is your favourite place to drink in Edinburgh and why?

I don’t drink much alcohol, but I do have to recommend Taiwanese bubble tea from Chatime on Bank Street or Tempo Tea Bar at The Arches which is picking up in popularity in Scotland! It’s basically sweetened milk tea (or you can choose fruit tea) with chewy tapioca pearls (or other toppings of your choice) at the bottom. It sounds quite strange, but I guarantee you will love it!

Where is your favourite place to have a coffee in Edinburgh and why?

Cairngorm Coffee on Frederick Street. As an independent coffee shop, the staff are very friendly and there is a homey feel to it. You’re made to feel welcome and stay as long as you want and whatever magic the baristas do behind the counter, they make great teas and coffees!

You can only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Mushrooms! It’s been an absolute favourite ingredient of mine since I was young and as long as there are no other funny ingredients (like anchovies or olives) in with the dish, you can guarantee that will most likely be the dish I order.

What is your biggest food vice?

I’m getting better with trying different things now as a vegan, but I have this thing with food (like curry) being put on top of a bed of rice. It’s fine if it’s placed side by side, but I don’t like having it on top. I am also quite picky with my food, mainly because of my fruit intolerance, but I don’t like fruit or nuts in my cakes or chocolates unless it’s meant to be there, like crumble or trifle. Don’t try putting nuts or fruit in my chocolate brownie!

What is your favourite city for food? Any recommendations?

Hong Kong has grown so much since I was young, but even then you were spoiled for choice when it came to eating out at restaurants. If you fancied Chinese hot pot, Korean BBQ, fresh sashimi and sushi, Indian food, Australian or vegetarian, you’ll find it all in Hong Kong. If you’re an omnivore, I would recommend Taiwan Beef Noodle in Tsim Sha Tsui. For vegetarians and vegans, Veggie SF is fun and each dish is bursting with flavour!

Fill in the gaps : If I had to be food I would be a chestnut because I might be a tough nut to crack, I value my privacy and solitude, but once you get to know me, I can be a very loyal friend.

What are your three favourite social media accounts to follow?  (Can be any form of social media)

Marzi @introvertdoodles draws great comics on life as an introvert which I can relate to.

@thefeedfeed.vegan posts vegan recipes daily which look amazing and gives me ideas for cooking/baking vegan!

@womenwithtattoosproject (Instagram) or Women with Tattoos (Facebook) has amazing stories of women with tattoos. As a woman with lots of tattoos myself, I love hearing about other women’s personal stories and some of their experiences with how their family and society reacts to such a personal choice.

If you are a blogger or local food business and want to be interviewed for my ‘Have You Met’ series, ping me an email to talorgilchrist@gmail.com with the subject Have You Met….?.

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