The Pompadour by Galvin, Edinburgh 

Mum and I decided to treat ourselves to a lovely meal over Christmas and I suggested the Pompadour by Galvin as I had heard great things.

Entering a beautiful room with incredibly friendly host and we were off to a good start. We were sat in a window seat overlooking the west end, there’s nothing quite like people watching over lunch.


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To begin Mum ordered the beetroot risotto with smoked eel and horseradish and I ordered the pigs head and pistachio presse with quince and sourdough.

When Mums arrived I was immediately jealous as it looked much more special than mine, the food regret began to settle it. I tried a bit at the end and it was delicious, the sweetness of the risotto went well with the smoked eel. I was gutted I couldn’t have more, next time I will remember to try at the beginning.

My starter sounded a lot more impressive than it was, but this didn’t mean it wasn’t nice it was truly delightful, just completely overshadowed by the beautiful crimson risotto sitting next to me.


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For main course, Mum ordered the roast breast of Perthshire pheasant with cabbage, cranberries, chestnut puree and sage gnocchi. This dish was plated rather sloppily if I am being completely honest.

I went for the Piperade of goats cheese and heather honey tarte fine, it didn’t wow me for many reasons and was over all the most disappointing part of the meal.


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As mentioned in previous blog posts Mum is the person that gets the olive with a stone or the fish with a bone. This time it was the shot in the pheasant, we did tell the waiter but he just nodded and smiled. She thought the dish was okay but the shot had put her off.

Mine was poor, I ordered it because I had high hopes and I adore goats cheese. It was burnt, underwhelming and felt like a very lazy dish. I honestly don’t understand what happened because I was expecting such a high standard and this was hard to eat.

On a very rare occasion I didn’t finish, and it wasn’t because I was full.



I wouldn’t let my main course stop me from enjoying myself and I was determined to make the experience a positive one so I was very adamant about getting myself a pudding, plus I had a little extra room.

We both ordered the mandarin soufflé with chocolate sorbet, and boy did it impress us.

The mandarin flavour was perfectly balanced as it was delicate but powerful, the soufflé was light and fluffy and very easy to eat after dinner and the chocolate sorbet was a good accompaniment.
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Favourite in order: beetroot risotto, mandarin soufflé, pork presse, pheasant and tarte fine.

Have you been to The Pompadour by Galvin? What did you think?

Food: 4/5

Decor: 4/5

Service: 5/5

Price: 2/5 This was £45 per person for 3 courses, overpriced for the standard of food received.


Recommend: From my experience I won’t be running back, however this was my first time here and everywhere deserves a second chance.

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