The Queens Arms, Edinburgh

I was invited to try out The Queens Arms on Frederick Street for a review, I have only ever been here once before and on that occasion the only thing that was consumed was a bottle of wine.

Anyway, we entered quite early for our reservation but we were greeted with a warm welcome.


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They ushered us to our table, a cosy booth with a wild-west style door to enter. Although there were no walls around the booth it gave a sense of privacy that was actually quite pleasant.

We promptly ordered a bottle of prosecco and started dissecting the menu.


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For our starters we decided to share the haggis lollipops with homemade brown sauce and the tempura tiger prawns with glass noodles and sweet chilli sauce.

The haggis lollipops were delicious and ginormous you could easily have this as a main course if you have a wee tummy. You can also order a large portion that comes with four, which I imagine would be a fantastic idea if you were just in for drinks and wanted something substantial to nibble on with your friends.

The prawns were okay, I honestly thought they would have been larger, so overall not something I would order again as they were very plain and simple.

The lollipops stole the starter show.


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When we first arrived they told us that one of their specials was a haggis and steak pie which immediately wrang delicious bells in my head so I ordered this and Emma ordered the fish and chips.

The waiter looked at me with shock and told us…. The pie is a portion for two, so Emma graciously said she would not have the fish and chips so we could share the pie.


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When it arrived it was truly huge (the theme in the Queens Arms appears to be Mama sized portions), so we then understood the shock on his face when I ordered it for myself. I asked if anyone had managed to eat it personally and he said only one. (Bravo).

It came with cauliflower, kale, mashed potato and gravy and the pie also had potato running through it. A lot of carbs plus the lollipops meant we were full pretty quickly but we were happy with everything we consumed anyway.

The pastry was beautiful and crispy, the pie filling was good but the taste of the haggis didn’t come through, every so often you would get a small glimpse of haggis but that was it. Overall incredibly rich and if we had known how big it was going to be we probably wouldn’t have ordered starters. HOWEVER, I do not regret getting starters as the haggis lollipops were fabulous.


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I think that pie could have fed three people and four small people. We did our best though!

The waiter we had was lovely and was cracking jokes with us and got involved in the banter. I mean I would find it pretty funny if a wee 5’2 Scottish lass ordered a Desperate Dan pie too.

Favourite in order: haggis lollipops, steak and haggis pie and prawns.

Have you been to The Queens Arms? What did you think?

Food: 3/5

Decor: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Price: 3/5 I received this meal for free, however it would have been:  prawns £7 ( not worth this price), haggis £6 (totally worth this price), pie £22 (mmmmmm bit steep.)


Recommend: Great for huge portions of pub grub or tasty snacks for drinks with friends.

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