Maison De Moggy, Edinburgh

I recently acquired a cat, this is a long story that we can get to another time. However this has now made me a cat person as I am obsessed with her. No Joke.

I knew I had to check out Maison De Moggy as soon as I had heard about it, my friend Lucie is also a cat person and so we were off. We set up a mate date to check out the moggy’s and we had THE BEST TIME EVER.


You enter the premises through two doors so the cats can’t escape and are sat down and told the rules. They go along the lines of – take your shoes off, don’t feed the cats cake etc.

The whole place is a cat heaven, three rooms all open planned with beds here there and everywhere, including the walls and ceiling. There are lots of toys you can use to play with the cats as well as little tunnels for them to run through and play in themselves.

After a certain amount of time you are asked if you would like cake or coffee, we of course wanted both. Lucie had tea and chocolate cake and I had a mocha with carrot cake. In all honesty I was prepared for the food to be rubbish as you go here for the novelty. Actually I was completely wrong you received a huge slab of cake and it was deliciously moist and the coffee was lovely. If there was no cats involved I would still be happy with this treat.

The staff were great too, if you had any questions about the cats or the food they would let you know everything. From their names to their shoe size (just kidding). It was clear they loved working there, and who wouldn’t?

From Ragdolls, to Shorthairs to a stunningly beautiful Maine Coon with five toes they have many cats on the premises.

I was mostly excited to see this beautiful little kitty, as I had never seen or been around a bald cat before (otherwise known as a sphynx). The only experience I have is the bald cat that Rachel adopts in friends.

This is Elodie, she has her own personal heater and feels surprisingly soft.

What I loved the most was how happy and healthy these cats were, and I will definitely be heading back. We were gutted when our allocated time was over.

Have you been to Maison De Moggy? What did you think?

Food: 4/5

Decor: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Price: 5/5  A slice of cake was only £2.75 which I thought was great for the size, the coffee was £2.90 which is cheaper than the average mocha.


Recommend: If you love cats.

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