Have You Met….Urbanity?

The first blogger I am speaking to about their favourite foodie choices is Ruth MacGilp from Urbanity.

A blog that covers many subjects from cruelty free beauty, ethical fashion and sustainable businesses to mental health and well being, it is clear Ruth stands by her values.

Let’s also not forget she recently won the Herald Fashion Awards Fashion Blogger of the Year. (Congratulations to Ruth).

So, let’s find out more about the person behind Urbanity!

Why the name ‚ÄėUrbanity‚Äô?¬†

The dictionary definition of Urbanity is courteousness and refinement of manner, and also urban life. I wanted to capture city life from my perspective in a way that was chic, elegant and sophisticated, but still with a pinch of personality.

Describe your blog in three words: 

Authentic, Ethical, Professional

What made you start blogging? 

I’ve always been engulfed in the world of fashion, from designing dresses and collecting magazines as a kid to interning and studying around the world now. What really interested me was the growth of citizen journalism, a totally new way to consume fashion and culture, and a couple of years ago my flatmate and I started Urbanity as an outlet for our creative frustration from daily life, and for me a way to advance my career in fashion.

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Why should we follow your blog? 

Regular, consistent but easily digestible content, sometimes on the things that really matter in this industry like supporting independent local designers and using cruelty-free beauty products, sometimes just frivolous things to inspire you creatively, like fun collaborative fashion photoshoots and travelling around on little adventures. 

Name your three favourite things about Edinburgh: 

Its small enough so that you don’t need a car, everything you need is within walking¬†distance¬†and the walks can be beautiful despite the weather.

The people are inspiring, engaging and creative; there is a real thriving and supportive community for like minded bloggers, designers, musicians, artists and general go-getters.

There is a culture of celebrating history and understanding its significance, while simultaneously lucking to innovate and inspire for the future. Its full of amazing ventures, from old established companies to tiny new start-ups.

What is your favourite food to eat? Why?

Mostly anything sugary. I have a sickeningly sweet tooth. My favourites are chai tea lattes, warm chewy cookies, gummy sweets and frosted cereal. 

What is your least favourite food to eat? Why?

Any kind of meat or fish, for a multitude of reasons!

Where is your favourite place in Edinburgh to eat and why? 

One of my favourite restaurants is Khushis Indian restaurant. I also love a slap up meal at The City Cafe, authentic Italian at Vittorias or veggie/vegan delights at Hendersons.

Where is your favourite place to drink in Edinburgh and why? 

I used to love Jekyll and Hydes for cheap, quirky student hangout but now its a hipster craft beer bar (sad face). I usually opt for cocktails or gin, so Dragonfly, Panda & Sons are good, or The Brass Monkey as I had my first date with my boyfriend there so its a special memory we always return too.

Where is your favourite place to have a coffee in Edinburgh and why? 

I am a terrible fiend for Starbucks and Costa, which I know is a bad habit, but in terms of indie places I love Project Coffee and Artisan Roast.

You can only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

I’d have to say potatoes, as they are the most versatile food of all. Chips, wedges, mash, roasties, boiled, crushed, baked, has browns, waffles….the list goes on!

What is your biggest food vice?

Peanut Butter.

What is your favourite city for food other than Edinburgh? Any recommendations? 

Glasgow is great for vegan food, I love Mono cafe, and I love Brighton for the huge variety of great places to eat brunch, arguably the best meal of the day.

Fill in the gaps : If I had to be food I would be ¬†….. Because…

A banana. Full of energy but hard to find me in a good mood. full of imperfections but still pretty good for you.

What are your three favourite social media accounts to follow?  (Can be any form of social media) 

This changes almost daily but some consistent favourites are


@manrepeller @jasoncampbellstudio @pieandfash

Thanks to Ruth for getting involved and for the fab answers!

If you are a blogger and want to get involved in my new ‘Have You Met’ series, ping me an email to talorgilchrist@gmail.com with the subject I WANNA DO IT, lol just kidding put whatever subject you want. No, you do ¬†not necessarily have to be a food blogger, you could write about the best buses in Scotland…

Urbanity social media: 

Website: Urbanity

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Facebook: Facebook.com/talortries

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