Dishoom, Edinburgh

It was plastered across social media that Dishoom will have 50% discount over it’s opening week, I took this chance to check it out.

I was not expecting the queue that filled up half the street before it had even opened, but we persevered. We were given chai tea to keep us warm and all of the staff who were coming out and in were very friendly.

Then we headed inside. You are at first ambushed by the kitchen and the mad rush of cooking and the waiters collecting the food.

Welcomed by the front desk we were told to head upstairs to the dining room were we would be greeted by someone else, we were then told by this person we would be looked after by another person. There was a lot of people, all very happy and smiley.

I loved the decor, especially the bar in the basement where it felt like you had accidently walked into a very cool contemporary speakeasy. The rest of the restaurant felt classy without being pretentious, a hard thing to achieve. You can tell a lot of work and thought had gone into this restaurant.

We couldn’t have asked for a better table, it was in the far corner and we decided to sit facing the window as it would have been a shame to miss the incredible view of St Andrews Square lit up so Christmassy. It was a festive delight.

We treated ourselves to a Bollybellini: raspberries, lychees, rose and cardamom with prosecco. A fantastically sweet nod to the classic cocktail.

When Linzi and I eat together we are each others worst enemy because we end up ordering everything on the menu. For starters we went for:

Far Far – halfway between crisp and cracker

Vegetable samosas – pastry with pea and potato filling with added spices

Dishoom Calamari – fried squid tossed into a bowl with ‘Dishoom drizzle’

The far far was not what I expected but I LOVED it nonetheless. Crispy bits that were multicoloured, very much something you constantly snack on.

The samosas were classic and tasty.

We ordered the calamari because I had heard it was good, the waiter also told us it was the most popular dish on the menu. Lovely, very unlike the classic calamari as it was full of flavour and the squid was perfectly fresh.

For main courses we ordered:

Chicken Ruby – tender chicken in a ‘makhani’ sauce.

Chicken Berry Britannia – slow cooked chicken and rice with aromatic spices and cranberries.

Raita – mint yoghurt with cucumber

Cheese Naan – naan bread with melted cheddar.

Linzi’s was the chicken ruby and I tasted a small amount, it was divine. It had a slight kick and filled your tummy with joy.

My Berry Britannia was okay, not something I would personally order again as there was way too much rice, not much flavour and I could have done with more cranberries as I only had a couple. Oh well, learning experience.

HOWEVER the waiter suggested I had my Britannia with raita, which actually saved the day. This minty yoghurt was incredible and added a sauce component that my main dish needed.

The cheese naan was gorgeous, if you love cheese this is the one for you.

For pudding we decided to share the (even though it tells you not to share) Dishoom chocolate pudding.

This is a melt in the middle chocolate pudding with a side of chilli ice cream. Nom Nom Nom. It was rich, chocolatey with a nip of spice.

A great pudding for sharing especially after you have demolished three starters, a curry, rice AND naan bread.

I will definitely be going back to Dishoom, I have heard on the grapevine their brunch is fantastic, watch this space.

Favourite starter: squid

Main course in order of favourite: Raita, Cheese Naan, Chicken Ruby, Berry Britannia

Pudding: duh.

Have you been to Dishoom? What did you order?

Food: 4/5

Decor: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Price: 4/5  We received this half price as it was their opening weekend, however looking at the menu now it is good value. Example prices: (Far Far £2.50, Calamari £5.90, Chicken Berry Britannia £8.90, Cheese Naan £3.20, Chocolate pudding £6.90.)


Recommend: For curry lovers, a special evening with a great view and if you are an interior lover. It has a buzzing atmosphere so don’t go for a chilled one.

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