Talor Tries….Marshmallow Christmas Wreaths

Wreaths come in all shapes and sizes, and are often quite beautiful. Yet, are they made with marshmallows and cornflakes? Probably not.

Until now.

Watch the video below and the recipe is underneath!


  • 200g White Marshmallows
  • Green food colouring
  • 1/2 Cup unsalted butter
  • 4 Cups cornflakes
  • Glace cherries
  • Sprinkles (you choose for decoration)

I made four big wreaths (palm size) with this mixture.

There are only a couple steps to this delicious process, blink and they will pass you by! Are you ready?


Step One. 

Melt the butter in a pan, then add the marshmallows and green food colouring. I am not telling you the measurement of the food colouring as all colouring is different, keep adding until it becomes a lovely leafy green!

As this is melting take two seconds away to chop up your cherries into small shapes to decorate your wreath with. (Try not to keep your eye off the marshmallow mix though.)

Step Two. 

Take the marshmallow green goo off the heat and add in your cornflakes, mixing it thoroughly to get every last flake covered.

When it is looking like Shrek’s breakfast wet your hands and take a handful of the mixture and plonk it down on your foil covered tray. Flatten it into a circle and scoop the middle out. This should create a wreath!

Shape and mold to your perfect wreath shape, it’s sticky, but fun!


Step Three. 

Decorate! I put a couple of cherries here and there, however as mentioned above wreaths come in all shapes and sizes so decorate however you would like!

Leave them in the refrigerator to set for two hours or alternatively over night for the next day.

Done and dusted! These are so easy to make, look fantastic and taste lovely. A recipe that can be enjoyed by all over the Christmas period.

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