Christmas Movie Food

I dont know about you but movie food ALWAYS looks delicious no matter the circumstances. If someone has a plate of food in front of them and they are pushing it around with their fork because they can’t actually eat it IT ANNOYS ME BECAUSE I KNOW THEY ARE GOING TO WASTE IT.

Anyway, here are some Christmas movies and the food that I crave while watching them.

While watching ELF, I want sugar, sugar and more sugar. Although everything he eats verges on disgusting it still looks delicious. “Elves stick to four main food groups: candy, candy canes,  candy corns and syrup.”

It only seems right to crave pancakes with lashings of maple syrup while watching elf. (I’m saying this because I don’t want syrup with my spaghetti.)

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While watching Home Alone 2, I can’t help but be jealous of his endless orders of delicious food that he doesn’t have to pay for. Oh? It’s about a child that is home alone? Sorry I didn’t notice I was too engrossed by his GIANT ICE CREAM SUNDAE.

There is a scene in the Grinch where the Who people are shoving food in the Grinch’s face. As much as it’s a disgusting scene it reminds me of Christmas Day when there is always a large tin of quality streets sitting there staring at you. You don’t know who’s present it is or who gave it to them, but you do know you want to eat the strawberry and orange ones before anyone else gets to them. Even after your three course Christmas dinner.

Harry Potter never fails to put a delicious meal in front of us on screen, that Hogwarts Great Hall is a room of wonders for the foodie. If I could go there just for a day I would fill myself to the brim and regret nothing. Every single movie has something delicious in it so I am not going to name just one, and yes I do class Harry Potter as a Christmas Movie, snow at Hogwarts IS ENCHANTING.

Out of all of the mesmerising things that they eat, I’m going to pick out pumpkin pasties because I have never had one and I want one.

Love Actually makes me want to drink. This is for many reasons, the emotions that run wild while your heart is racing and you’ve forgotten who is related to who and AGHGHG. (Great movie by the way.) However my favourite scene is when Hugh Grant comes boogying down the stairs. Nothing quite says lets get sloshed than a middle aged man trying his best dance moves.

Last but not least the Muppets Christmas Carol, a movie I found terrifying as a child especially when the future turned up. However you can’t quite beat the heartwarming ending and the full spread on the table. You would feel left out if you didn’t have a full roast with your family after watching this classic Christmas tale.

Fun fact: Muppets Treasure Island is one of my all time favourite movies.

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