Gin71, Edinburgh

When I was invited to Gin71 they mentioned that it was a gin infused menu, and I said WHEN CAN I ARRIVE. Hahaha, just kidding (kind of) I was invited to a blogger/journalist gin infused dinner and it was the bees-knees.

A smart looking restaurant located at the West End of Edinburgh just off of Charlotte Square. The staff were very inviting as they sat us down at the long well  set tables and everyone was excited about what was about to commence.

In a day and age where gin has blasted off into the world of popularity, Gin71 couldn’t have come at a better time. Funnily enough, they have a total of 71 gins behind the bar.


For drinks we were started off with a classic gin and tonic and then each course was followed by wine. I thought this was odd as I was expecting gin with each course, but then again if your dinner is gin infused maybe drinking it too would have been a bit too much. Regardless, all of the drinks were fantastic, I apologise that I can’t remember their names I was too engrossed in the food.

We started off with five gin infused breads and as much as they were delicious it was slightly heavy to begin a meal with.


The first of our many courses was the venison tartare which included caper berry, chanterelle, harissa, pickerings 1947 spiced gin oil and smoked sweetcorn.

I approached this nervously as I have never had tartare to myself before, just nibbled at others. I ate every last drop it was fantastic, a rich dish with perfect seasoning and the confit yolk on top was a great touch.


Then we were onto the fish course which was gin cured salmon, fennel, cucumber, red onion, dill and treacle and lime croute.

A stunning dish that was my favourite, a large chunk of salmon full of flavour with sweet notes running through the whole dish.  Delicate yet substantial.


On to the meat, smoked rump, crepe, sauteed chanterelle, potato twirl, pate, kol rhabi and an Edinburgh Cannonball Gin bois boudran sauce.

The most beautiful looking plate of the lot, I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it because I felt everyone didn’t give it justice. The crepe was odd and not needed and overall this dish didn’t overwhelm me when it came to taste, good but not one I would order again.


The dessert was something they called ‘Marmalade on Toast’, it was anything but marmalade on toast. Orange gel, candied orange, coffee parfait, toast espuma and orange and toast crunch.

It wasn’t supposed to look like the above photo we were told, I think because there was so many of us the components of the dessert weren’t playing nice and they were slightly disappointed with it. HOWEVER, it was fab and if they hadn’t told us this we would never have known. I completely respect them for the honesty.

We all love an edible flower and it wasn’t until writing this did I realise how much they played a part in this menu, fantastic.

In order of favourite: salmon, tartare, marmalade and rump.

Let me know if you have been to Gin71 and what you thought.

Food: 4/5

Decor: 4/5

Service: 5/5

Price: 4/5  I received this for free and our dishes were smaller versions as it was a tasting menu. However the prices would have been – tartare £7, salmon £7, rump £21.50, and marmalade on toast £6.50. Which I believe are really good compared to the standard of food.


Recommend: For gin lovers or a high standard meal that is a good price.

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