My Perfect Dinner Party

Who I would invite and what I would eat. There was a long invite list so I think I may have to do a couple of these posts…..

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Not a social experiment

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Leandra Medine.

Not only is her style impeccable, she has a fantastic sense of humour and her writing, whether it is about fashion or politics, completely pulls you in. She talks about everything and anything which has made her a very relatable person, not just for me but for everyone, showing how confident she is and yet a human being like me and you at the same time. No matter what she is talking about she has a positive outlook on life and that’s something everyone needs.

Have I gushed enough about her yet? You can read Man Repeller here.

We would eat/drink: 

Leandra would be the first to arrive because I have begged her to bring her wardrobe to my home to dress me for the dinner party, since you know, she dresses herself. So I would hand her a welcome cocktail that looks fancy shmancy but after making one for everyone and then asked to make more, I’ll get fed up, get the measurements wrong and they will no longer look fancy. I will then of course ask Leandra for a job at Man Repeller.

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you see this years YouTube rewind????

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Casey Neistat. 

My Dad introduced me to the world of Casey Neistat, little did I know this would end up with me watching every single one of his vlogs from the beginning of 2016 until now. Roughly ten minutes long, each one takes you on a journey of his day, this sounds boring, until you realise he is a filmmaker by trade. Each of his videos include drone shots, time lapses, and who know what else, he has said himself it takes him many hours to edit ONE video and he did this EVERY DAY. It is no wonder he has stopped daily vlogging and as much as I was gutted about it he does deserve a break..

You can watch his videos here.

We would eat/drink: 

He famously said in a vlog that he hated ‘British food’ however this was in an airport and he was introduced to mushy peas, probably not the best first impression. I wouldn’t want to disappoint though so I would probably provide him mini cheeseburgers. Once fed I would ask him a million and one questions about his camera equipment, get him to give me a pep talk on how to work harder and then ask how Candice, Francine and Owen are because I miss spying on their daily lives.

Chrissy Teigan. 

An intelligent women who is not afraid to speak her mind or take the piss out of herself. A dangerous combination that works perfectly for her. She is someone who has popped up consistently over 2016 because of her thoughts on what is going on in the world and has often been admired for them. She has also brought out her own cookbook of comfort food, now that is what I am talking about.

You can dive into the mind of Chrissy Teigan from her Twitter here.

We would eat/drink: 

Pizza, because I’ve been so interested and entranced by all of my wildly intelligent guests that I have burnt my main course. So, pizza delivery is the next best thing. Plus, you can’t really go wrong with pizza there’s a topping for everyone. From this I would get Chrissy to tell me what I should have cooked and hopefully she will give me her cookbook as a freebie. I would also get her to give me lessons on sass because everyone needs to be able to reply to trolls like Chrissy Teigan.

Kylie Jenner. 

A self proclaimed 19 year old business woman who never fails to sell out of her products within minutes whenever they are available online. You can’t help but be mesmerised at the amount of power she holds over her fan base all at such a young age. Let’s not forget she is part of the Kardashian family so her striking good looks and every changing style are something that keeps people coming back to Kylie for more. In all honesty I admire everything that she has achieved at such a young age. I think Instagram has helped her on her journey to success (yes the family and money have helped massively) due to the fact that we are all intrigued about what make up she is wearing/hair style she will have/new car she has/ what her dogs are up to. She is on eighty million followers  and is slowly but surely catching up with big sister Kim.

Look at Kylie’s perfect life here.

We would eat/drink: 

ICECREAM,specifically in a cone because I would be using it as a microphone because I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS. What are you going to do after everything you have already done?! The world is your oyster!! How is your hair not ruined from everything that has happened to it? Please may I have everything of your make up range and please may you put it on me? Where have your curves appeared from? Working out? Magical surgery? Becoming an adult? How do you feel about the brother, boyfriend, ex girlfriend, niece situation? Can I please come to one of your dinner parties? Do you ever just want to shut off for a week and disappear from the madness?? Are you still like, realising stuff?

Louis Theroux. 

Somewhere in the depths of the internet there was a Tweet, that said something along the lines of when you are at an after party Louis Theroux is the kind of guy you would corner for a chat. Except it was a lot shorter and funnier than what I have just said. This is exactly what would happen.

Louis Theroux is for me, one of the most interesting men on the planet. He has been in every possible weird scenario thinkable and he consistently pushes himself into odder and odder territory. However, what I appreciate the most about Louis Theroux is his ability to be calm and polite to EVERYONE, murdered your wife? Yup! Extreme paedophile? Yup! White Supremacist? You betcha! There is something about his interviewing technique that is incredible to watch. I may even go as far as saying his prison documentaries in America are possibly what got me interested in Criminology in the first place.

Dive into his mind here.

We would eat/drink: 

Old Fashioned’s because recently I have found them very delicious and they seem like an appropriate after-dinner cocktail to ask Louis Theroux the million and one questions about his life experiences. In fact, let’s face it my mind would probably switch off because it had gone into overdrive with the amount of information I want to be able to take in from him. It is also the kind of drink you can sip ‘slowly’ so he has to sit there and endure my questions.

Who would you invite to your dinner party and what would you eat? 

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