Wahaca, Edinburgh 

Wahaca has been through the mill recently, many people became ill including their own staff. However I will say now, I ate at Wahaca a total of three times in two weeks and the weekend after that the news was splashed around everywhere ‘norovirus’ ‘norovirus’. As I watched my hypochondriac self thought, oh my god I have ate there so often DOES THIS MEAN I AM GOING TO BE TRIPLE ILL.

Lol, no of course not I was fine. In fact, I was so confident in their food that I managed to persuade my Dad after the norovirus situation to go there to eat, and he too enjoyed it.

I think looking at it, this is a serious case of bad luck.

As mentioned before I have been a fair few times, so I am going to discuss each dish that I have had (some were repeated – good sign) and what I thought about them. Rather than going through each individual occasion.

It sits in a great location in between Topshop at the East End and St Andrews Square, the new restaurant place to be.

The decor is modern, colourful and fun with greenery here and there. If you are looking for tile inspiration, this is the place for you.

Each time I’ve been the staff have been lovely, albeit nervous because we waltzed in on the first day however each time after this they appeared to have settled in.

Apart from the one occasion a member of staff sprinted down the stairs next to me towards the kitchen which gave me the fear. As running on stairs = accident, especially when there is food around.

I NEVER go for a main dish, I always go for a couple of the street food selections. This is because I get food regret (when someone has a better dish than you) so being able to order a couple of small things and try a bit of everything is my idea of heaven.

I have ordered:

Pork Pibil – 5 hour braised pork shoulder in soft tacos with pink pickled onions.

I have been to Wahaca once before in London (I believe I even wrote a review about it) and I ordered these. The delicious memory stuck with me and I knew 100% that this was what I was going to order first. It is still a firm favourite with the pork being flavoursome and delicious, a dish I can have again and again.

Ancho chicken – grilled chicken thighs in two soft tacos with habanero mayo and jalapeño pickled carrots. Now, this has everything I could ever want and yet it didn’t tick my boxes. Overall, slightly underwhelming.

Sweet Potato and feta taquitos – roasted sweet potato, feta and caramelised onion in a crispy blue tortilla with salsa and chipotle mayo. Personally not something I would have ordered off of my own back, however I tried a bit and now I can’t not order it.This is a simple dish that punches you in the face with flavour and I can’t get enough of it.

Guacamole – what it says on the tin. The tortilla chips aren’t fantastic but the guacamole is gorgeous. It evens itself out, promise.

Frijoles – twice cooked black beans with Lancashire cheese and tortilla chips. An unusual dish I have never had before, still can’t quite form an opinion on it. Which only means one thing, round two.

Crispy prawn tacos- fried prawns in a shell of heaven. These were a special and I can only hope and pray they bring them back because praise the lord they were great.

In order of favourite: crispy prawn, sweet potato taquito, pork pibil, guacamole, frijoles, and ancho chicken.

Let me know if you have been to Wahaca and what you thought!

Food: 4/5

Decor: 3/5

Service: 3/5 Due to them being so new and nervous there is  a slight inconsistency in service.

Price: 5/5  My two favourite dishes – Pork Pibil £4.30 and sweet potato taquitos £4.15, a bargain if you ask me.

Overall: 15/20

Recommend: For a quick delicious Mexican fix.

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One thought on “Wahaca, Edinburgh 

  1. I’ve walked past this in Edinburgh before and I was tempted. I think you’ve just sealed the deal though. I think I’ll give it a go on Sunday when I am in town.

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