My Stages of Eating While Watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

They are hot, beautiful and stunning, and that’s just the underwear.

It’s that time of year we watch beautiful models saunter down the run way with perfect teeth, hair, eyes, bodies, knees, elbows, pinky toes, you get the gist.

I’m bored of people telling me what it is like to ‘Live like a Victoria’s Secret Model for a Week.’, or the ‘Rumours Behind the Runway’. So, here is my alternative.

The show has started and this is the point where I decide I am going to look like the angels by the end of next year and so I grab a…. 

…green juice that I tell myself I really enjoy but then after the first couple of sips I wonder how anyone can drink these every day.

Is it supposed to be frothy? Is my kale broccoli ratio correct? Why have my abs not appeared yet?


Then I realise while watching that all of their strutting is making me feel hungry, but I still want their body by the end of next year so I make a….

….baked sweet potato because I heard on the grapevine that this is a healthy dinner. I also add butter and cheese because it’s in the fridge and I don’t want to waste any food. (Plus you know….cheese) Once the fridge is empty the Victoria’s Secret diet starts, obviously. 


Wow, their hair is so silky and beautiful. Look at the sleek and shineyness of it, kind of reminds me of… 

…chocolate pudding. Oh, it just so happens I have a melt in the middle chocolate cake in the fridge that I decided to treat myself with before I was set on becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Better not let myself down. 


IS THIS THE PART WITH THE WEEKEND? Have Bella and The Weekend broke up? Someone grab me some….. 

….POPCORN because this could be draaaamaaaaaaaa.


Uch, it’s the ‘Pink’ part. When does it end? It kind of reminds me of….

…candy floss. A really good idea at the time as it is so sweet, but they always give you too much so it becomes a bit sickly.


Ooh, this section is very dark and stormy. Oh that reminds me I have half a ….


..bottle of red wine from the other night. Better finish it off before I tempt myself tomorrow when operation become a Victoria’s Secret model starts. This one even has an angel on the label, this is the worlds way of telling me it was meant to be. 


 I can’t believe it’s over, I have to wait another YEAR before this happens again I feel as though…..


….I’ve just been broken up with. What do you do when you get dumped? Drown your sorrows in ice cream. Better eat the whole tub now as I don’t want to ruin the new me that will be happening tomorrow. 


What did you eat while watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show?

All Victoria’s Secret runway images are from: Vogue.Com

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Note: From working in retail I really appreciate good customer service, and every time I have been in a Victoria’s Secret they have always over performed. This blog post is me just being me, I genuinely like Victoria’s Secret.




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