The Scran and Scallie, Edinburgh

On the 31st of October my Mum, Aunty and I go out for a meal and order martini’s in memory of my Nana, as a celebration of her.

This year we decided to go to The Scran and Scallie, we had tried to go here before on this  occasion in previous years however we didn’t manage to get a table, today was our lucky day.

We walked in and it had a very comforting atmosphere buzzing with chatter with lots of wood and exposed brick. The decor is similar to what you would get if you stayed up in a hotel in the north of Scotland, tweed with a dash of antlers.

The service was great, everyone was very attentive and even laughed at our crap jokes.

We ordered our  martinis and there just so happened to be three on the menu:

Mum: Espresso

Aunty Roslyn: Cucumber

Me: Pear and Pepper

I liked them in this order: espresso, cucumber and pear. Yes, I know my own one is last, but don’t you always want what you can’t have?

All of them were lovely and completely different, it added a little bit of excitement to the traditional martini.

Before I even start describing the food I have to say, the presentation was beautiful. This was classic hearty Scottish food and yet it looked incredibly delicate.

The starters! – otherwise known as my favourite course.

Mum: Home cured salmon and rye bread.

Aunty Roslyn: Chicken liver parfait and pickled cabbage.

Me: Pumpkin soup, poached egg and crispy ham.

I was lucky enough to try all of the above and they were perfect. However, mine in particular was the bees – knees. Why? Because it was a full flavoured bowl of Autumnal goodness with a perfect poached egg on top. It was exactly what I needed at that precise moment without me even knowing it.

 The mains!

Mum: Chicken and roast pumpkin caponata.

Aunty Roslyn: The Scran and Scallie fish pie.

Me: The Scran and Scallie beef sausage and mash.

No, I was not lucky enough to try all of these.

This was my least favourite course, the first couple of bites were delightful however the more I ate the richer it got, until it became a little bit too much.

The combination of the rich beef sausages, the tarte gravy, creamy mash and fried onion rings were all a little over the top for the senses for me.

If you know me, it is unlikely my plate will not be empty by the end of the course, however I had to leave some of this as much as it annoyed me.


Yes, I had dessert as I had left a little bit of my main and this provided room for dessert. See the logic?

Mum: Chocolate and whisky mousse, Scottish brambles and sorbet.

My Aunty: a spoon so she could try both of ours.

Me: Chocolate chip cookie and vanilla ice cream.

Classic Talor, I ordered the thing I had seen on Instagram the most and surprise, surprise it was a  hot cookie.

Well, well, well. Is it for the Instagram or did they actually enjoy it?…..drum roll…..

It was fab-u-lous.

It was warm and moist, the perfect in between of dough and cookie. It was surprisingly not too rich which was a plus.

Let me know if you have been to The Scran and Scallie and what you thought!

Food: 4/5 (Lost a point for sausages)

Decor: 5/5 I’m a sucker for Scotland

Service: 5/5 Very attentive

Price: 5/5 (Soup £8.50, Sausage and Mash £9.50, Cookie £7.00 – price represented the food well)

Overall: 19/20

Starting to think I should rate food presentation too, as this would get a firm 5/5.

Recommend: A comforting and heart warming taste of Scotland without a large price tag.

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