Turkey sucks, eat this instead.

Turkey is dry and horrible.

‘It’s great if it is cooked properly.’ Correct, but who can actually do that?

So here is a list of alternative things you can eat instead of turkey.

Roast Ham. 

A firm favourite of mine. A good roast ham is incredible, and see those bits on the outside?OH.MA.GAH.


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Roast ham recipe for anyone who is interested! The Tesco finest is delicious! You can slice it or pull it apart with forks to shred. Both are amazing! Leave ham in pot of water overnight the night before you cook it. Boil next day on simmer for two hours. Then pour over plenty of orange juice, slice oranges up and place all over ham. Roast in oven in baking tray at 180 degrees for 1 hour, covered in tin foil. Baste in juices and put back in for another hour. Remove Tin foil and leave out to cool and trim fat off neatly. Keep fat aside. Criss cross the ham with a sharp knife. Meanwhile make your glaze. In pan simmer 300grams on brown sugar, one jar of marmalade and 1/2 bottle of maple syrup. When thick and hot pour half over the cooled ham and put back in oven form 45 mins. Baste every ten minutes with remaining glaze from pan. Remove when it is done to your taste. We like it dark and crispy on edges. Leave for 30 mins before carving and voila! The best roast ham you'll ever taste in your life! Keep your fat to cover up meat and then cover plate in cling film and put back in fridge as this ham can last for days and days and still be fresh. The fat will keep it moist! Enjoy 😋😋😋 #comfortfood #roastham #recipe

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Goats Cheese Terrine. 

Go veggie with Hemsley and Hemsley and go for  a goats cheese terrine. I have never tried it personally but I love goats cheese so I can’t see it going down badly. Plus, look how they have matched their crackers to it, perfectionists much?


Steak Pie. 

It is a great centrepiece and sharing food so why not go down the route of the old steak pie? Melt in the mouth pieces of steak covered in perfectly seasoned gravy with a slightly crispy topping.

That gravy though.



Nut Roast. 

I’m putting this here in case I have any vegan readers.


Roast Duck. 

Fantastic when it is Peking Duck in pancakes with plum sauce, and a good roast duck would be incredible with all the trimmings too. For me, the best part about duck is the crispy skin.



Roast Chicken. 

A boring classic that pleases everyone.



It is a huge pet hate of mine when people say ‘Ew Haggis do you know what that is made of?’ and they haven’t even tried it.

Mate, do you even know what’s in the food you eat every day? Probably not because everything is filled with chemical shite. So, what’s a little bit of sheep going to do to you?NOTHING BUT BLOW YOUR MIND WITH DELICIOUSNESS.



Skip the dinner part altogether and just eat dessert.*

Why? Because it’s Christmas, duh. Do what you want Santa has already given you your presents.

*I wouldn’t do this though I live for Christmas dinner. (I also don’t like to piss Santa off)

What are you eating this year?


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