Winter Sessions at the Balmoral, Edinburgh

My Dad was invited to the Balmoral for their newly launched Winter Sessions in the Palm Court room in association with Ruinart. (That’s a mouthful isn’t it?)*

*If you are like me and are unsure of what the above meant, translation: live jazz music in the lovely Palm Court room with champagne (which is Ruinart.)

I chummed along as his plus one, and I had a fantastic time.

We were treated to a large amount of champagne, no glass was left empty. It was delicious, I usually go for prosecco before champagne, but this was delightful, not too sharp and very easy to drink.


The Palm Court was a stunning room, it wasn’t until later on in the night did I realise there were actual palm trees in the vicinity. Normally when there are palm trees in a room in Edinburgh it is because they are blow up and you are at some dodgy tropical themed party. Not in this case, they completely blended in, of course this is The Balmoral so it is not a surprise they made palm trees look classy.

Did I mentioned palm trees?

Palm trees.


The general manager introduced himself to us and explained that the Palm Court is normally used for afternoon tea and althought it was a beautiful room they didn’t use it for anything else.

And so, the Winter Sessions were born.

He mentioned that a ‘session’ meant something else in Scotland but he is sure people can enjoy a ‘sesh’ at the Palm Court too…..I found this hilarious.


The live act that we were treated too was the lovely Vhelade, and she performed some classics from brilliant artists such as Prince and The Beatles to Italian songs I have never heard nor understand. All in all a good experience. Her guitarist was brilliant and the painist was a personality in himself.

Before Vhelade began to perform the pianist played a tune or two for us so I went to film him for my vlog and he couldn’t help but do a little pose for the camera, I thought this was brilliant. He was also very talented, music is such an art and until it is right in front of you it is not obvious.

Every time I watch live music I always tell myself I need to watch more live music, and then it’s another six months until I see another act again.

We were also given some canapes which were GREAT. From left to right: mushroom, pate, salmon and what I believe was a choux filled with cheese.

I forgot their names and the actual details of the food, sorry. With canapes it is hard to pay attention to the ingredients being told to you especially when there are a couple to choose from.


My favourites in order: cheese, salmon, pate, and then mushroom. None of them were awful but the cheese pastry was UP THERE.

All in all a fabulous evening with my Dad. A gorgeous room, with live music, champagne and canapes.

The Winter Sessions are from 3rd December to the 20th, Vhelade is on until the 6th and then there are a couple other live acts scheduled. It is definitely worth checking out over the winter season as it has elegant Christmas evening written all over it.

You can see from the video below I loved the bathrooms, the sinks were fancy what can I say? Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel! I am doing both Blogmas and Vlogmas because I am a crazy person.

Let me know if you end up going to one of the Winter Session’s at the Balmoral, and what you thought.


I wont be rating this one out of 20 due to the fact that we only had nibbles of food and I have no idea how much it costs. I would go back though if that helps?

Recommend: A luxurious Christmas evening with a cosy atmosphere.

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One thought on “Winter Sessions at the Balmoral, Edinburgh

  1. Had a great night. Vhelade was awesome. The Ruinart champagne was damn good too. A huge thanks to Mary and Vine PR for the invitation.
    Your turn for the next one T 😎

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