Advent Calendars.

I’ve decided to do Blogmas, this is day one. (Blogmas is where you write a blog post every day until Christmas). As a food blogger I am going to struggle as there is only so much you can go on about your love of edibles.

This is a last minute decision, so bare with me if I lag behind.

BLOGMAS DAY ONE: Advent Calendars 

On Facebook ‘Cheese advent calendar’ was trending, then the Lad Bible posted a video of someone opening their cheese advent calendar. Is this really news? You can get advent calendars for EVERYTHING nowadays. The best ones I see popping up online are the ones that are homemade, the thoughtful ones that are a genuine surprise when you open them.

Last year I received zero advent calendars, (like perfume I believe you shouldn’t buy your own calendar.) and I am still bitter about it (I will also let no one forget about it). This year I received a delightful Lindor calendar so I am less bitter.

Let’s look at the calendars we can get this year shall we.

It’s win with E on the end. 


Try not to have ‘Digestive’ problems………….


Let Christmas be GIN! 


Snap, crackle and PORK. 

Pinch punch first of the month, and no returns. Pig snacks advent calendar day is finally here!

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When you’re a little OLD FASHIONED…… (Do you get it?)  


Where have you BEAN all my life? 




Beauty is in the eye of the BEER-holder. 

#bestofbritishbeer #beeradvent #earlybird #madeinbritain🇬🇧 £10 off til Sunday #christmasgifts #beergift

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What advent calendar did you get?

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5 thoughts on “Advent Calendars.

  1. Personally I like the sound of the Lindor calendar the most 🙂 I bought a shopkins one out the local shop for £1 because it was all they had. Tragic.

  2. Pork scratching advent calendars? Really?! The wine or the jelly belly advent calendars would be the ones I would be most grateful for, the pork scratching and whisky ones less so! I am also doing Blogmas this year, what are we letting ourselves in for?! 😂

    The Life of Dee

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