Advent Calendars.

I’ve decided to do Blogmas, this is day one. (Blogmas is where you write a blog post every day until Christmas). As a food blogger I am going to struggle as there is only so much you can go on about your love of edibles.

This is a last minute decision, so bare with me if I lag behind.

BLOGMAS DAY ONE: Advent Calendars 

On Facebook ‘Cheese advent calendar’ was trending, then the Lad Bible posted a video of someone opening their cheese advent calendar. Is this really news? You can get advent calendars for EVERYTHING nowadays. The best ones I see popping up online are the ones that are homemade, the thoughtful ones that are a genuine surprise when you open them.

Last year I received zero advent calendars, (like perfume I believe you shouldn’t buy your own calendar.) and I am still bitter about it (I will also let no one forget about it). This year I received a delightful Lindor calendar so I am less bitter.

Let’s look at the calendars we can get this year shall we.

It’s win with E on the end.


Try not to have ‘Digestive’ problems………….


Let Christmas be GIN! 


Snap, crackle and PORK. 


When you’re a little OLD FASHIONED…… (Do you get it?)  


Where have you BEAN all my life? 




Beauty is in the eye of the BEER-holder. 


What advent calendar did you get?

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5 thoughts on “Advent Calendars.

  1. Personally I like the sound of the Lindor calendar the most 🙂 I bought a shopkins one out the local shop for £1 because it was all they had. Tragic.

  2. Pork scratching advent calendars? Really?! The wine or the jelly belly advent calendars would be the ones I would be most grateful for, the pork scratching and whisky ones less so! I am also doing Blogmas this year, what are we letting ourselves in for?! 😂

    The Life of Dee

    1. I know it is an odd one isn’t it?! I think I would be very happy with the gin one, or maybe even the biscuits! Ooh good I look forward to reading your posts x

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